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German Jewish Gaza Flotilla Set for July

According to organizer Kate Leitrer, who is organizing a flotilla to break the Gaza embargo comprised mostly of German Jews, Israel acted criminally in its handling of the Mavi Marama last week, leading to the deaths of some of the people on board.  

Speaking with Ynet, Leitrer admits at present, fiscal realities limit their flotilla to one vessel of 12 to 16 people, hoping to set sail for Gaza in July, but she remains confident that others will join. She confirms there is interest and she remains hopeful additional vessels will take part in the effort to “end the siege of Gaza”.

Leitrer, a Jew, explains that currently, the vessel’s space limitations will dictate transporting a different cargo, school supplies and musical equipment, explaining some of the travelers will be musicians who will teach the children of Gaza.

She simply rejects Israel’s fears that the flotilla vessels tried to smuggle weapons into Gaza, accusing Israel of acting criminally in its handling of the flotilla.

Ynet adds that another member of the effort, Edith Lutz, another Jew, confirms their vessel is already anchored in the Mediterranean waters and there is mounting interest in joining their effort from the United States as well as other European countries, adding she took part in a flotilla effort two years ago, while proudly wearing a Magen David.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. We need a Tefila or Bracha similar to Rofei Cholim for extreme confusion and stupidity. Maybe that would help these people.

  2. i find it so ironic that anyone from germany could ever call israel murderers..

    its really sad when our ppl are going against us.

  3. I suggest they let her into Gaza; I’m sure she’ll enjoy their hospitality, for the 3 minutes until the lynch is over and her body is thrown back into the ocean.

  4. I don’t get why they don’t send a flotilla to jew the impoverished jews in israel? Don’t our lives take precedent over the goyims? Obviously these people don’t have the right intentions!

  5. The world is full nutcrackers so this is just another one bringing disrepute to the Jewish people.
    One day these people who support the Arabs will be shot in back like the German Jews in the 2nd World war!!
    G-d send them a speedy recovery if they deserve it..

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