Prisoner Found Hanging in 90th Pct [UPDATE 3:15PM EST]


1:30AM EST: A prisoner has been found dead after hanging himself inside the NYPD’s 90th Precinct located at 211 Union Avenue – in the heart of Williamsburg.

An intense investigation is underway at this time, how something like this was able to take place inside of an NYPD Precinct, with dozens of officers inside the building.

Numerous NYPD officials are one the scene, along with the NYPD Crime Scene Unit, and the NYC Medical Examiner, and many media outlets are staging outside the station house awaiting information.

The prisoner is reported to be an African American. It is unknown what he was arrested for.

UPDATE 3:15PM ET: According to the AP, a sergeant and an officer have been suspended.

Police said it appears the man used the drawstring from his shorts to hang himself. He had been arrested on charges of domestic assault and was taken into custody Sunday.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


  1. Those of us from Co-op City may also wonder how it could have happened that George Marks was found shot through the heart in the back seat of a patrol car while several armed uniformed security staff were present.

    How are things like this able to take place inside police-secured locations, especially to people forced their against their will?

    In that case it apparently had something to do with officer Bennie Schwall.

  2. Well said #2. It seems that this site has stopped being Yeshiva World News and has become World News all the news you don’t want your kids to know about.

  3. Actually I always thought that Yeshiva World News, was news presnted to the the Yeshiva World, which appreciates straight clean news, pertaining to the world, local, and of course community. Most importantly without all the horrible loshon hara unfortnately found on “heimishe” websites.