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White Powder & Bomb Threat Sent To Lakewood Business [UPDATED 5:50PM EST]

2:30PM EST: The Lakewood PD, EMS, and NJSP Bomb Squad are currently on the scene at a business on Prospect Street which was the target of a bomb threat.

Sources tell YWN that a package arrived at the business located at 575 Prospect Street and contained white powder inside of it. It also claimed that there is a bomb planted inside the building.

The building has been evacuated, and nearby Kimball Hospital has been placed on standby.

There is a Military K9 on the scene as well.

UPDATE 5:50PM EST: TLS tells YWN that the Hazmat and Bomb Squad have cleared the building. The powder found in the envelope turned out to be Baking Soda and no bomb was found in the building.

The FBI is also on scene conducting an investigation.

(YWN Lakewood News Team)

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  1. This is already scary with the liquid bombs and now this today I wonder if the owner of this bussiness lives on hearthstone by any chance!

  2. #3. Did you happen to notice that their is a growing, menacing looking Muslim community within, or adjacent to, every Frum community? This may only be the begining. Hashem is telling us to go home.

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