PHOTOS: Tehillim Needed For Family Of 6 – Seriously Injured In MVA Outside Beit Shemesh


In a near fatal accident on the infamous Route 38 near Beit Shemesh 6 members of single family were seriously injured when their car stuck an incoming vehicle in a head-on collision and flipped over.

The parents in the front were moderately wounded and the 4 kids in back, a boy aged nine and girls aged 11, 12 and 13, were all seriously injured with head and chest/stomach wounds.

The driver of the incoming vehicle was lightly hurt.

Members of the United Hatzalah Beit Shemesh unit raced to the scene called in the elite IAF 669 medevac unit and worked with MDA units to triage, treat and evacuate the wounded.

The tzibur is asked to daven for Shaul Ben Suad, Limor bas Chana, Miriam
bas Limor, Chana bas Limor, Sarah Bas Limor, Avraham Ben Limor.

Click HERE for photos.

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


  1. Nebach! A speedy refuah Sheliemah to all the injured. Why doesn’t Israel do something to fix these roads? Make them wider and install dividers. It’s ludicrous that these accidents can be prevented with simple safety measures that any normal country provides.

  2. nachoman – they supposedly are doing just that to the 38, but since it is the only way to get to a bunch of places, it has to be used meanwhile, so they can only work on a small part at a time, and it will probably take several years til it’s finished.

    Hashem Yiracheim & I wish them a refuah sheleimah b’meheirah!

  3. Road 38 is a known killer road.

    #1 – It’s not about these kinds of things. It’s about enforcing traffic laws, and drivers having common sense (like, when driving on a very busy 2-lane road with a lot of curves and steep slopes, MAXIMUM speed does not equal MINIMUM speed – many Israelis seem to confuse these two terms).

  4. Having been forced to use route 38 for over a year (I lived in RBS then), I can safely say that it is probably the most dangerous road in Israel. Accidents like this one are just waiting to happen. Given the phenominal growth of Beit Shemesh over the last 15 years, it is almost criminal that the government is only now beginning to widen and upgradre this road.