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Woodridge Kehilla Announces Completion Of Eruv Around Town

The Woodridge Kehilla is pleased to announce the completion on the first phase of the Woodridge Eiruv – the first of its kind in Sullivan County history!

After many years being bogged down in local politics, Rabbi Hillel Grossman has accomplished what has eluded the Woodridge Kehila for some time. The Rav asked that the Tzibur please acquaint themselves with the attached PDF. Some areas of Woodridge have only portions covered and one needs to be aware of this.

The eiruv which is a project of Congregation Ohave Shalom will be maintained year round for the community.

To ensure before Shabbos that the Eruv is up call: 1-877-420-ERUV (3788)

Places to be careful:

*The following colonies are NOT included (as of now): Highland Park, Camp Morris, Kochav, Merchav, Lakewood Cottages, The Lakehouse, Machne Belz, Machne Krasne, Whispering Woods, Rosmond’s, Village Park and Florida.

*While carrying On Broadway past Krieger Blvd. towards the corner of Glen Wild Rd. or while turning at the corner of Mountaindale Rd. to Greenfield Rd. Make sure to stay on the road, and NOT to walk under any telephone wire.

*Carrying on Lew St. is permitted just past the first entrance of Woodlake Village. It is permitted to carry from Lew into Woodlake Village.

*Carrying on Highland Ave. is permitted until the first curve of the road. This is indicated by a yellow diamond-shape sign, (on the right side of the road) which states “CHILDREN AT PLAY”.

*Carrying on Roosevelt Ave. is permitted up until the entrance of Mesorah Woods. It is permitted to carry from the road into Mesorah Woods.

*On Silver lake Rd. it is permitted to carry up until Rosmond Rd. It is prohibited to carry into Rosemond Rd.

*On Krieger Blvd. the Ohave Sholem Eruv ends just past Fourth St.

Note: Work on the Eruv is still in progress, when the Eruv will be complete a new revised map will be issued.

(YWN Sullivan County News Team – 2010)

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  1. The Woodridge eruv is no longer to be used for the time being, according to an announcement Rabbi Grossman made in the Woodridge Shul on Shabbos.

    (It is hoped to be back up before the 2011 season.)

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