EL AL Israel Airlines and JetBlue Sign Agreement that Offers Numerous Benefits to Passengers Traveling to Israel


EL AL CEO/President Elyezer Shkedy and Jet Blue CEO/President David Barger signed in Israel the first-ever agreement between the two companies.  The new agreement will enable passengers to purchase a single ticket for travel on flights of both carriers in one simple transaction, check luggage through to their final destination as well as enjoy seamless connecting service to and from Israel.

Beginning October 1st, EL AL passengers will be able to purchase these tickets for departures from all Jet Blue destinations throughout the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean and connect to an EL AL nonstop flight to Israel (via JFK International Airport). Customers taking advantage of this new interline agreement will enjoy both the convenience of purchasing and traveling on a single eticket as well as save money.  Plus, when checking in on the day of travel (in either direction), EL AL customers receive boarding cards to their final destination and luggage is also checked through all the way.  The luggage requirements of EL AL entitles every economy class passenger to check-in two bags per person and three for each business and first class passenger. The same luggage allowance is permitted on connecting JetBlue flights for no extra charge (size and weight restrictions can be found at www.elal.com).

At the signing, EL AL CEO/President Elyezer Shkedy stated, “We are indeed proud to be a partner with JetBlue, a successful and respected airline. In international aviation circles, EL AL has a reputation of being a uniquely qualified airline that is the leader between Israel and the outside world. JetBlue is also a leading airline out of JFK for routes within the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Also attending the signing was Offer Gat, EL AL Vice President, North and Central America, who said, “This new link between the two airlines means that EL AL passengers, both Americans and Israelis, will benefit from the expertise and fine personalized service offered by both airlines. We are also pleased to offer more flight options to our passengers who live in cities other than our gateways. ”

David Barger, CEO/President of JetBlue stated, “We celebrate our partnership with EL AL, a leading international carrier at JFK. As New York’s hometown airline and the largest domestic carrier at JFK, we at JetBlue look forward to providing seamless connections for EL AL customers and welcome a vibrant new group of clientele onboard for the JetBlue experience.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Unfortunately, when you return to JFK, you still have to claim your bags, clear customs, and shlep them from the International Arrivals building to the Jet Blue terminal and go through the whole balagan as if you were just taking the Jet Blue flight.

  2. Luggage can’t be checked through. There are no customs facilities at most Jet Blue destinations. Also how do you distinguish international baggage from domestic?