Financial Meltdown: New Square Main Bais Medrash Has Power Cut For Not Paying $78G Bill


Mispalilim coming to Skver’s main Bais Medrash have been Davening in the dark since Monday morning after Orange and Rockland Utilities cut off power when bills were not paid.

Congregation Zemach owes the utility $78,332 dating to late 2009 and payment negotiations have been ongoing for several months, a utility spokesman told LoHud.

The congregation must pay a minimum of $46,500 for power to be restored, O&R spokesman Michael Donovan said.

“We warned them this was going to happen,” Donovan said. “We just didn’t decide one day to cut of their power.”

New Square Deputy Mayor Israel Spitzer said today that he and other community members are negotiating a payment plan with the utility to get power restored.

Spitzer said the community’s main synagogue has never before failed to pay its bills, adding he and others were surprised the Truman Avenue synagogue had fallen far into arrears.

“We’re trying to work out a reasonable, acceptable payment plan for both parties,” Spitzer said. “We’re not happy this was allowed to happen.”

Spitzer blamed the tough economic times cutting into the donations from supporters.

“Donations are slow,” he said. “In these tough economic times people don’t have the money they had in the past.”

Spitzer said the lack of power has not stopped services.

“The prayers and the learning are going on,” he said. “Nothing stops the prayers and the learning.”

A Sheva Brachos for an Einikle of the Skver Rebbe was held last night in Skver.

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  1. This is the comunity’s shul, not only a yeshiva – So I don’t get it. In my community, everyone who can works; we earn salaries; we pay shul dues; the shul pays its utility bills. What’s missing here? The working part?

  2. Quite a bill. The AC must have been set quite cold all summer. They can now live like the people did in the original Skver, without electricity or AC. Candles and oil lamps are the way to go.

  3. My compliments to TINA18, a sensible and caring response.
    On the other hand, if for every crisis in our circles the YESHIVA NEWS would put up a link they would proliferate faster and be beyond control in no time.


    Its a big shame on the whole staff fot letting such news be posted & attaching a picture of the great tzaddik the Skver Rebbe Shlit”a.

    Nasty Litvaks: We will keep to the slogan what we say in Slichos “השומעים חרפתם ואינם משיבים”

  5. Every one who believes in chazal knows that one who learns keep up the world & like the holy chafeitz chiam said that the one who owes money its only because the tora is learned even if it is by someone else & therefor skver with its over 1000 lomdei tora keeps u to have your money therefore there is no taana on them to sponser the b”hmd’s bills and there is no problem to place a pic. of our holy rabbi v’haya einacha ro’ois es moiracha & there is no heter to say nasty litfaks.