Trump Won’t Stop With Obama Birth Certificate Issue


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Donald Trump just won’t let go of the President Obama citizenship issue.

The potential maverick Republican presidential candidate continued to question Obama’s American citizenship during an appearance on NBC’s Today show, saying “there is a big possibility” the president may have violated the Constitution.

“I’d like to have him show his birth certificate,” Trump said. “And to be honest with you, I hope he can.”

According to NY Mag, Trump announced he has “people who have been studying it, and they cannot believe what they are finding.” Startled, interviewer Meredith Vieira asked if Trump meant he had researchers on the ground in Hawaii, and he responded, “Absolutely.”

(Sources: USA Today / NY Mag)


  1. so is the imaginary line drawn on the earth by some british guy a big deal. “what side of this line were you born on”

    rather lets examine the logistics and reality of this “free” economy that trump flourishes in. i want to see the “freedom certificate” issued by africans

  2. Does anyone understand anything that has ever been posted by Commenter No. 2, “enahak”? I prefer to think of him/her as “Kahane backwards.”

  3. #4, i’m referring to the validity of the concept of “national borders” in the first place, which were all made and drawn by western europeans.

    “national borders” (worldwide) strategically reserve land for only western europeans to expand on (that is when you evaluate y-dna composition of populations and not autosomal skin coloring)
    moreover populations within their borders undergoes systematic ethnic cleansing for centuries(again only visible when you observe primary chromosome percentage changes of the population).

    the entire legal system trump is referring to has been completely written in a western european context from its very foundation. the racism here only stopped when technology made it invisible and now the population percentages of “actual” africans and middle easterners not to mention asians invalidates the entire country and government as horrifically racist beyond belief.

    as far as the economic freedom index, they base their entire evaluation on “evidence” of corruption judged by the standards of the legal system in the government they’re evaluating which uses technology that leaves no evidence. just because theirs no evidence of government corruption doesnt make it “true”.
    i don’t believe anyone with potential to change direction of this country is able to make money here.

  4. I also think Trump should ask to see Obama’s report card. Barak is not such a smart guy at all. He is arrogant.

    Trump looks good on the issues. My policy is ABO (anybody but obama – except gingrich).

    The show keeps getting better with each new election.

  5. #2, The fact that your name is a reference to Kahane, I have to tip my hat to you. Having said that, why dont you send your rectangular, green pieces of paper with pictures of presidents on them, with an imaginary value, over to my place. I will send you the address. ; )

  6. There is no one that spews vitriolic rhetoric like Obama. Trump is a good counter balance to call his bluff. Everyone else is afraid of being politically incorrect or is too well mannered.

    Kudos to #9 someone who can’t give a speech without a teleprompter cannot possibly be very bright:)

  7. this country needs someone like Trump, he doesn’t need the money, will run his campaign with his own money, he is his own man and will say exactly what needs to be said and as a very influential business man who makes money when other Americans make money will do all he can to create jobs. Does he profit, yes, but who cares it all about trickle down economics anyway.
    Plus Trump has proven business experience, Obama, well he was a political activist, never had a “real” job and look has a lot money given to him by all his “friends” so he is not his own man

  8. #11, thats a great point about trump being a counter balance. don’t get me wrong, there’s no doubt right wing monetary policies are theoretically very decent, its just that you can’t have a fair race after you murder 90% of the racers, break the other’s legs, draw the obstacle course to benefit yourself and then arrest anyone thats running faster than you (while controlling the media showing perfect fairness and enforcing that belief.)

    all im saying is show me the certificate from “real” africans and asians that agree that usa’s borders are legal to begin with. lets use g-ds law not a racist western european’s.

    i said trump would be a perfect president many years ago because he simply tells the truth; but that was before i pulled the skirt off the populations genetic constituency. now i have a problem with any president because they’re all standing on the same illegitimate foundation and are only eligible to be president in the first place if they have zero potential to deviate from the predetermined objectives (that were evidently set by the western europeans that owned 100% of the technology in this country before any civil rights movements… and well before that)

  9. Good thing that Trump isn’t a serious candidate – if he was, we’ld be certain of getting five more years of Obama (though hopefully with a Republican Congress)

  10. #13 is a psycho-jew hater whose theories on demographics, history etc. is not supported by any prominent historians or anthropologists. I have challenged him on numerous times to name me one, and he has yet to do it. His comments should just be ignored.

    Back to the issue. Trump is an awful candidate and a vote for him is a vote for Obama. Anyone who wants Obama to win the election should vote for Trump in the primaries.

  11. #16, i’ve repeatedly tried to give you names, links, and sources, the moderator doesnt allow it.
    though these aren’t theories, i’m stating scientific testing results that everyone in the world has access to

  12. Even if Obama was born in Kenya, we all agree that his mother was an American, right?

    And regardless of WHERE you are born, if 1 of your parents is an American citizen, you get American citizenhship… what is the issue that Trump is trying to get at? Why does everyone think that Obama needs to prove that he was born on American soil?

    I mean, there is an issue with being born in Kenya vs. the US, but no one points it out, so I think the Certificate debate is just really something that people want to fight over without understanding the actual issue.

  13. One thing is certain. America keeps losing money. We need someone in office that knows how to make money. Of what use is a President who only knows how to lose money?

  14. Imagine what a Constitutional Crisis we will have if he wasn’t born here! Does anyone go to jail? Does anyone pay a price? Or is it business as usual? Is everyone just pardoned?

    He keeps claiming that Jewish settlements in Israel are illegitimate. What Hashem commands us to do he says is illegitimate. I wonder if he is legitimate?

  15. To #18 TikkunHatzot.

    You don’t seem to understand the problem. In order to be a President of the United States you must be at least 35 years old and be a “Natural Born” citizen according to the Constitution of the US. A Natural Born citizen means that you have had to be born IN the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and all U.S. Territories (where John McCain was born–Panama was under U.S. Sovereignty at the time he was born there).

    If both his parents were 5th generation American it would make no difference if he were born in Kenya, Israel or on the moon.

    If Obama was born in Kenya or was born anywhere else but the US then he should go to jail for FRAUD.

  16. “He keeps claiming that Jewish settlements in Israel are illegitimate”

    That Israeli settlements beyond the Green Line violate the Fourth Geneva Convention, which Israel ratified, has been the position of Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43 as well as Obama. It is a position that every other country in the world agrees to.

  17. “You don’t seem to understand the problem. In order to be a President of the United States you must be at least 35 years old and be a “Natural Born” citizen according to the Constitution of the US. A Natural Born citizen means that you have had to be born IN the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and all U.S. Territories (where John McCain was born–Panama was under U.S. Sovereignty at the time he was born there).”

    No, YOU don’t understand the problem. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone which was NOT a US Territory but under a special administrative arrangement where it was governed not by the United States but by the Panama Canal Company. But under the law, both McCain and Obama are natural born US citizens regardless of where they were born because they both have a US Citizen parent. There are only two types of ways to get citizenship, by birth and by naturalization, and both McCain and Obama got it by birth.

  18. The constitution doesn’t spell out what a “natural born citizen” is, which is why there’s so much confusion. Contrary to #24, I don’t think it’s true that as long as any one parent is a citizen you are considered natural born. If BOTH parents are and you’re born outside the US, I don’t think there’s any disagreement, which is the case with McCain. But with Obama I’ve heard several things since only one parent was a citizen. I’ve heard that the age of his mother might have affected being a natural born citizen, that he might have given up his citizenship when he moved to indonesia which would no longer make him natural born etc etc. So that’s why the Hawaii/Kenya thing is such a big deal. If he was born in Hawaii, automatic natural born citizen. If he was born outside, then it’s really not clear.