Holocaust Survivor Asks German Court To Release Nazi Guard


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A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor appealed Wednesday to a German court to release an alleged former Nazi concentration camp guard, John Demjanjuk, after convicting him.

Jules Schelvis was addressing the Munich court where Demjanjuk, who is also 90, is charged with being an accessory to the murder of 27,900 Jews in a Nazi death camp.

‘Out of respect for my humanist parents, I ask the court to enter a finding of guilt against this aged man, who has already spent nine years in jail, but not to punish him,’ said Schelvis, who is a Dutch Jew.

Schelvis’ wife, Rachel, was killed in 1943 in Sobibor death camp while Demjanjuk allegedly worked there.

Prosecutors have recommended he be given a six-year jail term.

(Source: DPA)


  1. I am surprised that the West and Russians let off so many high profile nazis including Doenitz, and Speer but are going after Demjunjak. Don’t get me wrong the more the merrier, just odd… Speer should have been hanged at Nuremberg along with almost every single person tried there.