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FBI: Wig Saved Woman From NJ Bank Robbery Suspect

It was a hair’s breadth escape by a woman from a bank robbery suspect in northern New Jersey last week.

An FBI report filed Monday in the criminal complaint against Luis Aparicio claims he tried to rob a Chase Bank branch in Rutherford last Thursday and take a woman hostage, only to be foiled by her wig.

The report said Aparicio entered the bank at about 2 p.m. and held what looked like a gun to the neck of a customer service representative.

“I need the money. Don’t try anything stupid, I know how you operate, just give me all the money,” Aparicio said, according to the report.

As the customer service representative and a manager began to give him about $47,000 from a vault, Aparicio heard sirens, grabbed the woman and said, “You’re coming with me,” according to the report.

Police had arrived by the time Aparicio led her out of the bank, the report said. As he tried to grab her by the hair, she wriggled out of the wig and ran away. Aparicio was then shot and injured by police.

Aparicio, of North Bergen, appeared in federal court in Newark on Monday. He is jailed pending a bail hearing.
The federal public defender representing Aparicio didn’t immediately return a phone message Monday.

(Source: WCBSTV)

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  1. I was told who she was, and yes, she is frum.
    Th person that told me the story said that she was at the bank, i need to verify of she worked there.

  2. MDG; is Tzniut really the issue here???

    i look at it in the following way: in the Zechut of this woman covering here hair and acting Tzniut she was saved from possible injury or death.

    yes, it would be uncomfortable (to say the least) to be caught with her hair uncovered, but that is better than possible serious injury.

    keep things in the right perspective…..

  3. Tznius? You mean, like the girls in Saudi Arabia who were chased back into a burning school building because the modesty police didn’t think they were adequately dressed?

  4. It’s so sad that a Hall of Fame Shortstop should be so down on his luck that he resorted to bankruptcy to pay his bills. I’m glad no one was hurt. Major League Baseball should do something about the retired ballplayers whose careers ended before the era of the free agent and the big money.

  5. 15,

    For the first time, you made me laugh at something you posted. In case you are wondering, the person you are talking about is 77 years old.

    As for the wonderful people hoping this lady wasnt frum, I was told by someone in Passaic (about a 3 minute car ride from this bank!) that the lady is indeed a shomeres torah umitzvos.

  6. Hi all,

    I’m sorry that you did not understand my comment in #2 as a joke. I realize it was a Chasid Shoteh statement.

  7. The woman in the story is my wife’s aunt. She lives in Passaic and is shomer Torah U’mitzvos. Also, She is not 77 years old.

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