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Teenage Thug Charged With Murder Of Newark Police Officer

Police say that a teenager has been charged with the murder of Newark off-duty officer William Johnson. Johnson, 45, was killed in a drive-by shooting Thursday night while he was purchasing a slice of pizza. According to police 19-year old Rasul McNeil-Thomas was arrested and was charged with carjacking, conspiracy and weapons offenses.

Prosecutors upgraded the charges to include murder. McNeil-Thomas’ bail has been increased to $500,000.

Police are searching for a second suspect in the case.

(Source: MyFoxNY)

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  1. Hm…

    He has an Arab first name (Rasul) but a British surname (McNeil-Thomas). So it’s not likely he’s Muslim.

    I’d venture a guess that he’s African-American.

    I figured.

    And no, please don’t call me racist. I supported Barack Obama in 2008 (as a liberal), and Herman Cain for 2012 (as a staunch conservative).

    I’m just a pragmatist when in comes to race.

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