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Dem Poll: Obama Would Lose Today

A Democratic polling firm said President Obama’s already weak job-approval numbers are “worse than they appear” and he likely would lose the election if it were held today.

For the first time in a year, Mr. Obama does not lead former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in Public Policy Polling’s monthly national poll on the 2012 presidential race. They are tied at 45 percent, and Mr. Obama is losing among independent voters by a margin of 49 percent to 44 percent.

Worse for Mr. Obama, PPP said, the “vast majority” of undecideds disapprove of the president’s performance. The survey of registered voters was conducted July 15-17.

“There’s a very good chance Barack Obama would lose if he had to stand for re-election today,” said Dean Debnam, president of PPP. “This is his worst poll standing in a long time, and he really needs the economy to start turning around.”

In an interview this week with a Kansas City, Mo., TV station, Mr. Obama said the election will be more about his record than the platform of the eventual Republican nominee.

“Americans understand that we didn’t get into this problem overnight,” Mr. Obama told KMBC-TV, one of three interviews he gave to regional TV outlets at the White House on Wednesday. “If next November they feel like I’ve … been working as hard as I can and have been getting some things done to move us in the right direction, then I’ll win. If they don’t, then I’ll lose.”

(Source: Washington Times)

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  1. I sure pray that its correct. Obama is a total failure, so over his head clueless everything he touch has been a disaster. The economy is wreck look at employment. Liberalism doesn’t work and american are seeing it. Charlie Hall you will never wake up, keep spouting your rubbish how great your messiah and liberalism is so great. Poor you, you see you radical agenda shattering in front of your eyes.

  2. Charlie Hall and the rest of you liberal together with the media. NBC, ABC, MSNBC, NPR, CBS, NYTIMES, Washington Post, etc. Will start calling up races and everything in the book, stupid. Its not gonna work we reject liberalism!!!!!

  3. But wait, because if the Rino establishment (word removed) us with caving to The Anointed One by raising taxes & allows Hurricane Barack continue to spend like a drunken liberal, there will be G’henim to pay!!

  4. That’s the popular vote: electorally, the Republicans are in a lot of trouble in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — all of which are crucial swing states

  5. frdm: “Poor you [Charlie Hall], you see you radical agenda shattering in front of your eyes.”

    The problem is, Charlie doesn’t see that way. He will say if only this, if only that …

    Obama is a disaster even if he were not liberal. Liberals are a disaster with or without Obama. But the two together is DEATH to everything that was good and decent in America.

  6. frdm, it’s more than true. PPP is an ultra-liberal polling firm! No need to insult Charlie Hall, though. Please, abissel rachmunis.

  7. Here are the actual poll results, showing how Obama compares to the group of Republican candidates tested against him (numbers with independents are off to the side) – see

    Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney
    Obama: 45% (37%)
    Romney: 45% (46%)
    Undecided: 10% (16%

    Barack Obama v. Michele Bachmann
    Obama: 48% (45%)
    Bachmann: 41% (39%)
    Undecided: 11% (17%)

    Barack Obama v. Tim Pawlenty
    Obama: 48% (42%)
    Pawlenty: 39% (42%)
    Undecided: 13% (17%)

    Barack Obama v. Herman Cain
    Obama: 48% (43%)
    Cain: 36% (38%)
    Undecided: 16% (20%)

    Barack Obama v. Sarah Palin
    Obama: 53% (51%)
    Palin: 37% (38%)
    Undecided: 9% (11%)

  8. frdm…Exhibit some Hakoras Hatov – We (and you) owe liberals and liberal legislation our ability to live in this country comfortably as frum Jews.

  9. The facts are if people vote for or against obama based on HIS record, not any other record as Obama wants you to look at, the man is TOAST. Alas, the election is a bit more than 15 months from now.

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