Israeli Prison Service Finds Cell Phone In Barghouti’s Cell


The Israeli Prison Service said Thursday they discovered a cellular phone in Marwan Barghouti’s prison cell in Hadarim Prison during a routine search. The Fatah’s former secretary-general in the West Bank was then sent to a two-weeks in solitary confinement.
According to the IPS, convicted murderer Barghouti was not alone in his cell, but that the mobile phone was discovered amongst his personal belongings.

He was subjected to a disciplinary hearing and sentenced to a two-week isolation period.
It is still unclear what Barghouti was doing with the mobile phone, with whom he had been speaking to or how he was able to obtain the phone in the first place.

(Source: Ynet)


  1. It is still unclear what baghouti was doing with his cell phone???! I’m not a lawyer nor a politician nor a prison guard, BUT I guess he ONLY used it to call home to check everything is ok there or he needed it if his wife calls to find out where the checks are. 🙂 Honestly the biggest fool would know what he used it for. How he got it? good question. he bribed his co cell mate or got sneaked in. just put him on the hot iron pinned rollers.

  2. Ropes???? They want to make him into a Yosef haTsadik (LEHAVDIL) – take him out of prison and make him a king!! Even now there are politicians coming to consult with him