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Far Rockaway’s Peninsula Hospital Faces Closure

Peninsula hospital may be shutting its doors, which has raised serious concerns about medical services for the 100,000 people who live in the Rockaways.

People familiar with the situation say the decision was put in motion at a board meeting Friday. Peninsula owes vendors roughly $13 million and continues to lose money.

Far Rockaway is also served by St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. In 2006, a statewide hospital commission recommended that St. Johns and Peninsula merge to share costs.

That was never done.

In the meantime, residents said they worry about people who live here, including relatives who could soon have fewer options for medical care.

Queens residents have been through this before. Peninsula would be the fourth hospital in the borough to close since 2008.

A meeting was held last week in Albany to try and find resolution, but one could not be reached. That means the 200-bed facility could shut its doors within 90 days, putting 1,000 people out of work.


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  1. The floors and walls were kept so neat. After so many years – the service was on par with any ny institution

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