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Was China Behind Massive U.S. Cyberattack?

The world’s most extensive case of cyber-espionage, including attacks on U.S. government and U.N. computers, was revealed Wednesday by online security firm McAfee, and analysts are speculating that China is behind the attacks.

The spying was dubbed “Operation Shady RAT,” or “remote access tool” by McAfee — and it led to a massive loss of information that poses a huge economic threat, wrote vice president of threat research Dmitri Alperovitch

“What is happening to all this data – by now reaching petabytes as a whole – is still largely an open question,” Alperovitch wrote on a blog detailing the threat. “However, if even a fraction of it is used to build better competing products or beat a competitor at a key negotiation (due to having stolen the other team’s playbook), the loss represents a massive economic threat.”

Analysts told The Washington Post that the finger of blame for the infiltration of the 72 networks — 49 of them in the U.S. — points firmly in the direction of China.

California-based McAfee would only say it believed there was one “state actor” behind the attacks — identified from logs tracked to a single server — against a long list of victims, including the governments of the U.S., Taiwan, India, Canada and others; the International Olympic Committee; the U.N; and an array of high firms and defense contractors.


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  1. that china tries to take our files is in a way a backwards compliment since it shows that they want our information , however if we are as good as we think we are then we should hack them.

  2. Thank you mr prez keep ratcheting up the debt and China will not have to do cyber attack because it will own everything include you house

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