Interstate Chaveirim – A Number To Keep Handy During Your Chol Hamo’ed Travels


Barely six months old, and scores of Yidden have benefited from Interstate Chaveirim’s innovative system. The organization is not new, in fact, it only includes existing Chaverim bases and their members. But the way they work is astounding.

Interstate Chaverim is comprised of a few hundred volunteers hailing from more than fifteen existing Chaverim branches. They are here to solve the road problems occurring far out – or between – a Chaverim covered area. With so many volunteers, someone is bound to be close by, thus avoiding many tense moments. Such situations can arise on interstate highways, shopping malls, or far-flung states that are not covered by an existing branch.

Help is only a phone call away. Call your local Chaverim branch and, if necessary, they will forward the call to Interstate.

Mishaps are part of life, and unfortunately many find themselves stranded in unfortunate situations on the road. However Chaverim, true to their name, has had the zchus of averting many unpleasant moments and endless hours of angst. Many volumes can be filled from the phone calls Chaverim receive daily, and with Interstate Chaverim in full
swing, the stories abound.

Their kindness has reached as far as Niagara Falls and Virginia, Rochester and New Hampshire.

Hashgacha plays a major role even in the boondocks, and Interstate sees it daily.

Often, Chaverim will be able to assist you even if they cannot send a volunteer. Their extensive experience and knowledge will direct you toward the best possible course.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The number is the number to your regular, local, Chaveirim. Or you can call any city’s Chaveirim number, for that matter.

    Any Chaveirim response number can look for an interstate chaveirim member who might be able to help you.