HELP THE VICTIMS: Major Jewish Organizations Create Emergency Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund


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Brooklyn – New York’s leading Jewish Chesed groups have agreed to create an emergency fund to support local victims of Hurricane Sandy. The Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund was formed yesterday at a meeting called by Councilman David G. Greenfield to thank the groups for their efforts since the storm hit and to improve coordination between them. All proceeds of the Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund will go directly to victims and victim services. No donations will be used for administration or overhead. The fund will be managed by Chevra Hatzalah with the support of the following organizations: local Hatzalah groups, Shomrim, Misaskim, Chaveirim, Met Council, Yad Ephraim and neighborhood Jewish Community Councils. The community is encouraged to donate generously via this website:

“The community is coming together in support of the people who lost so much as a result of this tragic storm. From Seagate to Far Rockaway to the Lower East Side to the Five Towns to Staten Island, we must help our neighbors. I urge everyone to give whatever they can to this fund to help their neighbors rebuild their lives,” said Councilman David G. Greenfield.

“We thank Councilman Greenfield for his initiative in bringing together all these groups and for demonstrating his concern for the abandoned people in our community. We look forward to working with him and the rest of the community on this critical effort,” said Rabbi David Cohen and Willie Rapfogel.

The Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund will be overseen by an advisory committee formed yesterday made up of: Willie Rapfogel, CEO of the Metropolitan Jewish Council on Poverty; Isaac Stern, Chairman of the Board of the Boro Park Jewish Community Council; Meir Weill, Executive Director of Misaskim; Chaim Fleischer, Coordinator of Chaveirim; and Simcha Bernath, Coordinator of Boro Park Shomrim. Councilman Greenfield’s role in this effort is limited to organizing yesterday’s meeting with the community organizations and helping form the fund. Greenfield has chosen not to be involved in the administration of the fund or distribution of its proceeds to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Please give generously by making out a check to the “Emergency Sandy Chesed Fund” and mailing it to 1340 East 9th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11230 c/o Chevra Hatzalah or online at

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  1. The US, NYS and NYC Governments are totally incompetent to help it’s citizens in time of an emergency from the Mayor to the President they could hold news conferences with all good promises, they pose for photo ops in devastated areas, but the Fact is that there are thousands of families who have No power, no food,No clothing, flooded and damaged houses, why doesn’t the Nat Guard show up in Far Rockaway and other communities to pump out flooded basements, all the politicians should be held accountable and thrown out of office

  2. Bloomberg is a disgrace. he should be held accountable.
    seagate, far rockaway, Manhattan beach and others are ripped to pieces, and this jerk is having a marathon on sunday.

    what a sicko.

    i live in seagate and lost most of my house. where is the help? where is that national guard to stop the looters?

    oh we know where they are….bloomberg refused to let them in. this is a fact which will soon make its way to the media.
    cuomo is fighting him to allow more national guard in, and this baal gaiva is refusing

  3. Everything is fine and dandy. Just ask Bloomberg.
    He smiles and walks around like everything is just wonderful.
    Just make sure you dont drink any soda, or Bloomy will become very angry and upset.

    What a farce this guy is.

    The city council better hold him to the fire. And FAST.

  4. PayPal, PayPal, PayPal. Why can’t they have PayPal?
    I don’t know my cc information offhand it’s a few minutes to do it. Why can’t they have PayPal?

  5. Its an advantage that this beheimah is worth billions. I suggest all the people that were affected by the storm, sue him personally. That will put him in his place. In the mean time let’s all donate as much as possible.

  6. Bloomberg is a disgustingly arrogant bihaima, who is showing his true colors with his decision to have a marathon just a few blocks away from a complete WAR ZONE.

    He needs to be fried in public, and it’s quite shocking that the media has not attacked him yet.

  7. I don’t know whats worse.. reading about some of the halloween parties in the City that took place in spite of the devastation which had just taken place literally blocks away.. Or…

    The sheer arrogance of Mayor Bloomberg to Order the Police Department to redeploy its assets Away from the disaster zone, just so the Media could have a tent to organize a race which should be cancelled in the first place…..

    Think of all of the Food,Water & supplies which were so desperately needed by people who had just lost their homes & in some cases their lives….Instead, these scarce basics were used by media & staff personnel who all have jobs & don’t live pay check to paycheck….

    The media, with a few notable exceptions, were content on selfishly using & consuming the food & supplies, while criticizing the Government for its lack of immediate response…

    In all fairness, kudos to the NY Post for exposing the hypocrisy.

  8. Question: Not everyone can donate money but they may be able to help with things like warm coats, blankets, portable radios, canned food etc. Is there anywhere these things can be dropped off? I would want my resources to go to unzerer.

  9. computerbubby says:
    November 2, 2012 at 2:58 pm
    To #8….I second your comment.

    #9 He’s a buddy of Obama and so the media leaves him alone

    You said a mouthful. If you are a friend of obama you can lie steal, kill but it will not be reported in the papers.
    Bloomberg called it global warming; I call it an act of Hashem. Where are the troops in Queens and where are the line men in New Jersey.