Charedi Women Banned For Protesting IDF Enlistment


A magesterial court in Tel Aviv issued a restraining order for numerous Charedi woman who had been arrested for protesting outside of the IDF enlistment office in Jerusalem.The women, who were accused of distrubing the pease, have now been banished from the area around the enlistment office.

According to a report on Kikar HaShabbat website, the police could have prevented the arrest had they pad attention to a letter from the legal representative of the woman, Attorney Nadav Gedalyahu.

The letter, which was sent six months ago, illustrates how the actions of the women fall under the category of freedom of expression. The letter adds that the organization maintains regular contact with attorneys who are constantly giving them advice regarding what is or isn’t a crime.

The women who were arrested must wait 90 days before they have the right to be involved in a protest in that area again. In response, the women said that they don’t want to break the law, so they will be on hiatus from now until the 90 days are up and then they would go right back to protesting.