‘Taliban Woman’ Causes Terror Alert In Yerushalayim


A women dressed in the latest burka fashion sparked a terrorist alert in downtown Yerushalayim today, 25 Cheshvan. The incident occurred on King George Street, as security guards spotted the person in the hooded garb and feared the worst, while passersbys distanced themselves from the presumed female, fearing a suicide bomber, in downtown Jerusalem. Alarmed citizens summoned police.

A team of motorcycle commandos arrived, but the suspected terrorist had already walked into an alley, but police followed and ordered the person to remove her head piece. The Gideon commandos learned it was a journalist working undercover, literally, seeking to examine the response of the general public to the new fashion statement appearing in a small sector of the chareidi community.

Needless to say the journalist did not hesitate to comply with orders of the commandos who had weapons drawn and appeared to be in no mode for hesitation or non-compliance. Baruch Hashem for their superior training, which permitted them to act as they did without opening fire and chas v’sholom wounding or killing an innocent person as persons in the area were panicking.

It can be assumed that the incident will spark an outcry of concern regarding those women who today dress this way regularly and the concerns of police and other security agencies.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Story makes no sense. Just because a lady is wearing a burka they assumed she was a terrorist? Many Arabs frequent King George street and are not greeted by the riot squad.

    “Superior training” enabled the Gideon commandos to not kill an innocent person. Wow thats saying a lot. Sounds a little more like basic training to me.

  2. Rarely do Arab women wear the full garb in Yerushalayim. Usually it’s just a head covering with jeans, or full covering robes, but with the face showing.

  3. So dumb…and crazykanoiy is 100% right on the money about the training. Law enforcement recuits here would be expected to do no less after only a few weeks at their Academy.

  4. The fact is, even the vast majority of yishmaeli women do NOT go around with the full face covering.
    Lately it is probably more likely that someone seen dressed like that (in Yerushalayim or Beit Shemesh) is one of the meshuga’ot from the (supposedly) “ultra-chareidi” group.

  5. i agree with number 6 the fact is she was a journalist making trouble the burka zealots in their own zealotry would never allow themselves to be found in any place that is not as rigid as their own

    they would and do stay in their own haunts

  6. She should have alerted the POLICE of her undercover story, didnt she realize that Israel (especially Rechov Yaffa) is a targeted area for terrorism?

    #7 Not true, have seen them outside of charedei areas..

  7. Oh my gosh…I saw this lady today. My husband and I were trying to figure out if she was Arab or Jewish because the arabs never walk around with their faces and hands covered also. I’m not surprised that people were scared she was a terrorist. She had a red cloth completely covering her entire face- eyes included. She was walking back and forth in that big open space. It was very freaky looking….

  8. Deja Vu! This is exactly what I was mentioning in the previous article about these misguided women and the results that can happen due to them!

    I hope that journalist at least gets a citation!