100 Cops Raid Multiple Offices To Gather Evidence Against Olmert


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olmert cover.jpgOver 100 police investigators from Israels National Fraud Investigation Unit conducted raids on multiple public offices – with the objective of seizing evidence in a number of corruption cases standing against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert; reports the Jerusalem Post. Searches were reportedly conducted in more than 20 sites.

According to Haaretz, Olmert is being investigated for the following:

1)Suspicion he granted improper political favors while serving as industry and trade minister between 2003 and 2005.

2)Suspicions that he tried to rig the sale of Israel’s second-largest bank, Leumi, in favor of two associates during his tenure as finance minister.

3)Suspected of buying a Jerusalem home from a real estate developer at a substantial discount in return for helping the builder obtain construction permits from Jerusalem authorities.

Additionally, a Justice Ministry statement said that the newest investigation will probe new suspicions of:

4)Alleged cronyism by Olmert while he headed an investment center operated by the Industry and Trade Ministry.

5)Alleged political appointments by Olmert via the Small Business Authority.

6)Alleged political appointments by Olmert throughout the Industry and Trade Ministry


  1. its about time we throw this sonei yisroel out of office, what good did he do for his people (besides his friends)??! Cutting down grants for yeshivos and shuls and stuff!! hello, is anyone hearing??

  2. Who is investigating the National Fraud investigation Unit why they waited until now?How did Olmert get there in the first place? and who is heading the “investigation”?

  3. Nisht gezorgt. He’ll always be welcome to join Hillary’s cabinet. Someone in Lkwd will make him a pidyon shvyim party….we’ll see if he likes Yussis SUSHI. 🙂

  4. It is a public shame for Israel to rate in the top 5 most Corrupt countries. Anywhere a Jew travels we are suspect for dishonesty, fraud, corruption due to the reputation of the Israeli politicians (includes almost all). What a chilul hashem.