VIDEOS: Vicious Attacks Continue Against Chareidi Soldiers In Yerushalayim And Beit Shemesh



Despite increased IDF and Israel Police efforts to apprehend persons responsible for attacks against IDF soldiers, the attacks continue.

According to reports, no less than five soldiers were attacked in a 24-hour period this week, all amid shouts of ‘Chardak’, the derogatory term used by chareidim against the frum soldiers.

The attacks this week were reportedly carried out by members of the Peleg faction and the Eida Chareidis. Four attacks occurred on Monday evening the eve of 29 Nissan, in which police extricated two soldiers and the soldiers extricated themselves in the other attacks. One attack occurred in Beit Shemesh on Tuesday. At least two arrests have been made in that attack.

Authorities promise they will prosecute suspects to the fullest extent of the law.

In the videos below, one can see military police arresting a suspect following an attack on Tuesday, 29 Nissan.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. There’s no vicious attacks. Is this a news service or a propaganda outlet. They call them names. That’s it. In Israel everyone has a big mouth. It’s not really that big a deal.

  2. these super-duper ultra charadim turn my stomach.

    the Torah is the way of pleasantness and brings peace; these people are just dressing like religious people but acting like animals.

  3. “the derogatory term used by chareidim”

    More accurate reporting would be: the derogatory term used by certain fringe elements DRESSED SIMILAR to people we know are chareid ledvar Hashem, and follow their gedolim and the way they instruct them to behave in a way of ‘Derachehah darchei noam’…

  4. These are ” sting ” operations set up by the police to catch anti-soldier haredim.Interesting, that they won’t do a similar thing in Arab Silwan or Ras Alamud to protect the Jewish population.

  5. If you strive to hold Jews dressed in a religeous fasion to the same standard as that of arabs in Silwan or Ras al Amud, then that speaks volumes as to the true nature of these insurgents.
    The rest of us hope for the day when even these Jews who act like total Goyim will treat everyone with respect.

  6. The YWN is a chareidi news source. As such, the laws of shemiras halashon must be adhered to. I am not sure what the to’eles of sharing these videos or stories are.
    Videos don’t tell the whole story. (Remember the pictures of the “innocent” Arab children, where it was really a set up?) But they certainly serve as an excellent distraction from the real issues.
    I do not have enough facts. But as a Torah observant Jew, I know that if these are chareidim, I must be dan l’kaf zechus. Maybe something precipitated these actions and they were in self defense, maybe there are a few radical kids looking for “action”- and an entire tzibur is being maligned on account of the few? (By the way, it is even worse to say lashon hora about a group than about an individual.) Maybe many other things. But more importantly,
    What’s the point?
    To be distracted from the enemy without to focus on politics within?
    How silly is that?
    I’ve been reading Yeshiva World,that the army is going from bad to worse, that Shabbos is being publicly violated, that our holiest places are being compromised, and I’m sure there’s a lot more- and we are busy with in-fighting????
    Let’s strengthen our own adherence to halacha, let us keep our focus on the “enemy’ from without, and let us try to make Sholom within!

  7. Arrest them and throw away the keys.
    Is this what they have to do with their time. They have been brainwashed and are behaving like a cult.
    Truly sad and disgraceful.
    Get a job, you bums.

  8. Any Jew attacking another Jew for protecting him in the army has to remember something imporant. Because they are against the Jewish government in Israel and want non-Jewish government, the alternative is to be governed by Arabs. If they are governed by Arabs, they will be drafted to be in the Arabic army, and the Arabs will not give the charedim any exemptions. So do they like that better?

  9. I dont understand why YWN keeps on with this line. I have tried to submit comments in the past which are never published asking where is the evidence??? Show me videos of “vicious attacks” I don’t see any here and have never seen any; if it exists please present it! I live here in Israel and unfortunately the army is being used as another tool by the secular state to try and take youngsters away from a Charedi lifestyle. As a side point, surely a self defined Charedi Jew follows the psak of the Gedolim. Can anyone show a quote from one mainstream Charedi Rabbi in Israel who has supported army service for the kehilla in recent times?

  10. I don’t understand how one can consider these people soldiers when they cant defend themselves from unarmed civilians or have the Zionists weakened them on that front as well?