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Arson Suspected in Bnei Brak Yeshiva Fire

A fire erupted in Yeshivas Ohr David in Bnei Brak during the night, located on Maccabim Street. The report indicated talmidim on the upper floor were trapped due to the heavy smoke conditions. Police report this was the second suspected arson at the location in the past 24 hours. Damage to the building is reported to be heavy.

Hatzalah Gush Dan responder Yitzchak Reichman is quoted as telling Kikar Shabbat “When I arrived on the scene along with other responders we began extricating people from the building. The talmidim on the lower floors got themselves out of the building”.

A male in his 50s was treated for smoke inhalation and transported to Beilinson Hospital, reportedly in light condition.

The report adds police obtained a video showing persons setting the building on fire and then fleeing the scene. The investigation continues.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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