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PHOTOS: MDA Volunteers And Employees Conduct Food Drive For Families In Need For Eid Ul-Adha Holiday


Leading up to Eid ul-Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice Holiday), MDA employees and volunteers of the Mas’ade MDA station in the Golan Heights began collecting and packing food products for families in need who reside in Mas’ade, Majdal Shams, Ein Kenya and Buq’ata. The food drive takes place in collaboration with supermarkets and storeowners in the aforementioned towns. To this day, over 220 food packages have been collected, which will enable families in need to celebrate the holiday decently.

The Mas’ade station asks to thank everyone who contributed and assisted to the success of the operation. Positioned at the top of the thank-you-list is the Head of the Mas’ade Regional Council, Dr. Salman Bathish, who out of his own will assisted the project along with the residents, who instantly opened their hearts and gave generously. This isn’t the first time MDA employees and volunteers conduct food drives like this, similar operations take place every year leading up to Passover, which inspired the establishment of the Sacrifice Feast food drive. Additionally, station employees and volunteers will hand out toys and games to 25 children and teens who reside in the area and are battling cancer.

Shimon Abitbul, Deputy Manager of the Jordan Region at MDA: “During the operation dozens of MDA volunteers were scattered in various locations throughout town and collected food products that were packed into 220 packages. The packages will be distributed to families in need and enable them to celebrate the Eid ul-Adha holiday decently. I would like to thank the MDA employees and volunteers who enlisted to this important mission and the generous people who’ve opened their hearts and pockets for the success of the operation.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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