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Ben-Gurion University: Arabs Will Be Accepted Without Psychometric Exams

Ben-Gurion University has decided that beginning next year, it is going to accept Arab students without having first taken the psychometric exam, which is a requirement for all to enter a university. The announcement was made by university president, Rivka Carmi.

Applicants to colleges and university take the psychometric exam and based on their score together with the level of their matriculation diploma from high school, one is determined eligible to enter university to study a profession. For example, to enter medical school one needs a combined score of at least 737 as compared to the score required to become a teacher, which is 550.

The objections to the university’s decision are being heard among many in the academic community, as well as in Knesset. MK (Yisrael Beitenu) Oded Forer sent a letter to the president, decrying her decision to wave the psychometric exam for Arab applicants, calling the decision discriminatory against citizens “who serve and contribute to the State of Israel”. Forer is speaking of Jewish citizens who enter the IDF and national service, while Arabs, who by and large do not serve in any capacity, are now being given a free pass to enter university.

Forer questions if “the blood of Arabs redder than the blood of discharged soldiers and new immigrants?”

Forer is demanding that if this new track is opening, then it includes others and not remain exclusively for Arab applicants to the school.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Standardized test (not just in Israel) discriminate against all “out” groups, which in Israel include religious Jews (especially Hareidim and non-Ashkenazim).

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