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Authorities In Israel File An Indictment against PA Resident For Planning To Murder Innocent People In An Act Of Terror

The Central District Prosecution’s Office filed an indictment against Mohammed Safaran, 40, of Ramallah for preparing for murder in an act of terrorism, endangering life in the transportation lane, stealing a vehicle, entering and sitting in Israel illegally, driving without a driver’s license and other offenses.

According to the indictment filed by attorney Shahaf Kleinman Shimoni, the defendant decided to enter Israel in order to carry out a terrorist attack on a nationalistic motive and cause the death of soldiers. In order to carry out his plan, the defendant entered Israel illegally.

On October 19, 2017, the defendant arrived in Holon with a pipe wrench and noticed a locked truck belonging to a business in the area. The defendant opened the door of the truck and began driving from the area towards the base, in order to implement his plan. The complainant, who was present at the shop, heard the truck start and began running toward it. The defendant noticed the complainant, drove toward him and almost hit him, and continued driving toward the base.

The complainant reported to the police about the theft of the truck and as a result of the report followed the truck in a police vehicle. The defendant spotted the patrol car, tried to escape as he drove quickly and wildly on a road full of cars and zigzagged along the road. The car approached the truck and told him to stop. In response, the defendant rammed the car with the truck, pushing it to the separation line and causing it to brake. The defendant continued driving dangerously, crossing a red light intersection and later collided with passenger vehicles. At one point, due to faulty operation of the truck by the defendant, the defendant stopped the truck on the right side of the road and was stopped by the police.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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