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Netanyahu to Be Questioned by Police for Sixth Time on Sunday

It has been reported that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will once again be questioned by police with regards to his involvement in what is known as the “1000 file”. Police are attempting to determine whether or not Netanyahu is guilty of corruption with regards to the case.

Police agents handling the investigation are expected to present to Netanyahu evidence that they have gathered from other businessmen during the investigation. They will also be presenting him with their suspicions that he accepted a bribe during his dealings with them.

Police will be presenting Netanyahu with finding from their investigations of famed Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, Milchan’s aide Hadas Klein, and Netanyahu’s former Chief of Staff Ari Harrow, who recently turned State’s Witness against Netanyahu.

Channel 2 News in Israel reported that the police will require at least one additional round  of questioning of the Prime Minister and it is expected that their intent is to file formal charges against the Prime Minister, but they are questioning now whether or not to include the accusation of corruption and the acceptance of bribes which is quite severe.

(This article was written by the Israel Desk after Shabbos had ended in Israel)

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