PHOTOS: The Family Of Wounded Jerusalem Bus Station Guard Met The MDA Team That Saved His Life



On Monday, 7 Teves, the Magen David Adom team that treated Asher [ben Saada] Elmaliach, who was stabbed in the attack at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem two weeks ago, arrived at Shaare Zedek medical center for a moving reunion with him and his family at the emergency care department in the hospital. The MDA team included Bat Sheva Asayag, who provided preliminary medical treatment on the scene, Senior EMTs Chananel Albo and Rivka Or.

Batsheva was at the station, she was off duty, but immediately recognized what was going on, and rushed to provide preliminary, lifesaving medical treatment to Elmaliach, until the arrival of an MDA team to the scene.

Chananel Albo, who arrived on the scene and continued the treatment, shared: “After the preliminary treatment we provided to Asher, we immediately evacuated him to the hospital. I am glad to hear he is recovering and feeling better.” Chananel was injured in a terror attack 12 years ago, and is closely familiar with the importance of a rapid evacuation. He added, “I am now part of MDA so I can dedicate my life to saving others.”

Rivka Or told the family: “When I arrived on the scene and realized his medical condition, I immediately understood the most important thing was getting him into surgery. I asked people around us for help to get us out of there as soon as possible. While providing him with medical treatment, we lifted him onto the vehicle and sped to the hospital. We were there 9 minutes from the moment of the attack. I held his hand in the trauma room, he asked me to help him and had a hard time letting go of me.”

Asher’s family members were moved by the encounter: “We would like to thank you, and everyone who supported us over the past two weeks, and the MDA team that operated quickly, Asher is alive thanks to you.”

Shaare Zedek Director of Trauma Medicine Doctor Ofer Marin: “I must say a good word about the MDA team that treated Asher. Your work on the field is complex and you must remain calm and collected. I have no doubt that your part in the rescue chain was critical and contributed to saving lives, the speed at which your brought Asher into the trauma room while simultaneously providing him with medical treatment led to him receiving the treatment he needed so critically within 15 minutes. We are all very optimistic due to the improvement in his medical state. We are hopeful that in a week or two, Asher will be standing here, smiling, when you visit.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: MDA Spokesman Unit)