Northern Israel Armed With Defense Systems Amidst Heightened Tensions


On the main roads in the north, caravans of missile defense batteries were observed Sunday morning, which were placed at various strategic targets and near population centers, in light of the escalation against the Iranian forces across the northern border.

Reports from eyewitnesses and photos uploaded by citizens to social networks indicate that one of the defense systems was positioned next to an Arab village in the Triangle. In so doing, Israel is significantly expanding its air defense systems in the north.

The move came as a result of the military confrontation that took place Shabbos yesterday between the IDF and Iranian and Syrian forces, during which an Iranian drone was intercepted, an air strike was carried out in Syria and an F-16I plane was shot down.

Earlier, Lt.-Colonel L., commander of the IAF’s 113th Squadron, said that “the squadron was sent to defend the skies of Israel. We identified the Iranian aircraft and when it crossed the border we intercepted it inside Israel. The squadron is ready for any mission given to it.”

Meanwhile, sources in the air force estimated that the damage caused on Shabbos to the downing of the F-16 plane in the north was caused by a warhead that did not hit the plane directly, but exploded nearby and spread a fan of shrapnel, at least one of which hit the plane.

In addition, after an improvement in the condition of the seriously injured pilot, who is now defined as moderately injured, his friend who was slightly injured has already recovered and was released a short while ago from the hospital.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)