MK Gafne: Police Chief Alshich Has Got To Go


On the background of Israel Police’s recommendation to file criminal indictments against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and charge him fraud, breach of trust, accepting bribes and more, MK Moshe Gafne, chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee is calling or Alshich to step down. Gafne made his remarks on Wednesday afternoon 29 Shevat.

It was during a Knesset session that Gafne came out against Alshich, citing the police chief must remain “the most secretive”, one that gets things done without talking too much and one that has the public convinced does not have his own agenda. Gafne added in his opinion, it is time for him to call it quits and step down as head of the nation’s police force after speaking with media and appearing on the Uvda news magazine program.

Gafne questions why no one bothered to check where the people probing the prime minister came from, meaning to say there is someone with an agenda. Gafne stressed the police department is fine, but its chief, Alshich, has to go.

Earlier, Gafne told the media “The prime minister has the presumption of innocence and the recommendations of police do not increase or decrease in terms of the law, especially in light of recent events in the police, and for as long as no other decision is reached among the competent authorities in this matter, the prime minister is allowed to continue in his position. This is the law. It is my hope that he will be found cleared and innocent of all charges.”


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It should be noted that the police chief in question is Sefardi (half Yeminite, half Moroccan), religious and with close ties to the West Bank settlers. So what would his agenda being in trying to get rid of Bibi?

  2. > akuperma

    One simple example.
    Yigal Amir was religious and Yemenite (pure this time) and certainly even closer ties to the West Bank settlers.
    Amir allegedly did what he allegedly did because allegedly that is the way to best defend his own world view.
    Netanyahu is allegedly not religious, allegedly eats non-kosher food, etc. etc. etc. and now the government is allegedly trying to force religious girls into the military and the news I’ve states that Sefardi-Mizrahi have the most to lose etc. etc. etc.

  3. So, if I understand it correctly,one political hack named Gafne wants the police chief to step down because he has the chutzpah to pursue criminal violations by another political hack named Gafne. And of course, there is a third political hack named Deri who may also be indited so the police chief and prosecutor on that case will also have to be fired.

  4. As a “Yerushalmit” I can say that Gafne is usuallu 100% right
    I think the agenda of Alshaich – is- besides piblicity – that he want to go into politics
    I ahve been living here, B”H, since 191 and he is the first Police Chief going so public and no less to TV program
    I think Netanyahu has been investigated and had close some 13 cases
    And who really cares if he got some cigars and chanpagne?
    Besides – Yair Lapid did what he did for publicity as he rally wants to be the next prime minister – Hashem Yishmor