Maccabi Pharmacies To Hold Warning Strike – 2.3 Million Israelis Will Be Left Without Meds


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Millions of people without medication; Maccabi Pharm Pharmacies will be shut down as a warning.

Millions of insured Israelis are without needed drugs: A one-day warning strike will be held in the chain of pharmacies of Maccabi Pharm in the wake of the lack of progress in the negotiations between Maccabi Pharm’s employees and the company’s management.

The warning strike, which will leave more than 2.3 million members of the Maccabi Health Fund without medication, comes after the announcement of the labor dispute that was held two weeks ago with Maccabi management. The workers ‘committee of Maccabi Pharm wants to send a clear message to the management of the HMO to improve the terms of employment of the workers and to advance the collective agreement demanded by the workers’ committee of Maccabi Pharm and the National Labor Federation.

“It is sad to see how the management of Maccabi treats its employees under the burden with contempt and refuses to improve the terms of employment and wages of its employees,” said attorney Ravit Keren-Rozin, representing Maccabi Pharm employees through the National Federation.

“Those who will be harmed first are the customers of the fund who will not be entitled to issue medications, especially on these winter days. ”

She emphasized that: “We call upon the management of Maccabi to return to the negotiating table in order to ensure the best conditions for the employees of the fund, a profit from which all the customers of the fund will benefit.”

The exact time of the strike to be announced.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)