Israel Police Arrest Burglar Who Broke Into Jerusalem Store


Police arrested a suspect who broke into a business in central Jerusalem and fled the scene with hundreds of shekels in cash. The police investigation began a week ago from a restaurant owner in central Jerusalem, who said that when he opened the shop in the morning he noticed that the back door had been breached and hundreds of shekels had been stolen from him.

Investigators and police forensics officers who arrived at the scene opened an investigation and collected evidence and other findings that led to the identification of the suspect.

On motzei Shabbos, the 29-year-old suspect from the eastern capital was seen walking around downtown. The policemen who saw him arrested him and he was brought for questioning at the Lev Ha’ir station on suspicion of the break-in.

The suspect was arraigned on Sunday morning, 30 Nissan.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)