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Poll Shows 45 Percent Of Chareidim View Themselves As ‘Zionists’

Is the Israeli identity carried by so many penetrating the nation’s chareidi community too?

In the “Zionist Index” survey of Israeli citizens, 45% of the chareidim responded that they define themselves as “Zionists.”

Compared to the national-religious public, this is a relatively low figure (95% of religious Zionists), but in light of the fact that in the chareidi education system, students are not taught citizenship or Zionism, this is a surprising figure indicating the increasing involvement of the chareidi public in Israeli society.

The survey was conducted in advance of Israel’s 70th Independence Day by the World Zionist Organization and through the Smith Institute for Research.

The survey reveals, among other things, that 86% of Israelis define themselves as Zionists. Among the older age group in Israel – over 50 – this figure is overwhelming (95%) over the relatively young age group – below 30 (75%).

It turns out that Israelis ‘sabras’ and new immigrants define themselves as Zionists in identical numbers – 86% -87%, respectively.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Don’t believe such Lashon Hara or more accurate Motzei Shem Ra, of course the the “Zionist Index” survey will only survey people they think will answer what they want.

  2. HaRav Mordechai Gifter ztzvk”l said that Bnei Torah/Yeshiva are the true Zionists for they believe “ki mi’Tzion teitzei Torah.”
    If it’s Torah, it’s from Zion. If it’s not Torah, it’s not from Zion.
    Past and current events have proven and prove that while Torah is growing strong and bursting forth from Tzion, the same cannot be said about the so-called Zionist State.

  3. Latest survey shows that 82% of YWN readers consider it to be a marginally frumer version of Arutz Sheva’s website.

  4. “….“Zionist Index” survey will only survey people they think will answer what they want….”
    My, my…. Zionists now have ruach hakodesh, whooodda thunk it.

  5. Yeshiva World News maybe it’s time you change your name to Arutz Sheva 2.0? Quit posting this nonsense, first the letter from R’ Blau’s hashkofically OTD nephew who was happy his sons serve in the army R”L and now this…sucking up to propaganda put out by the freien…how much are they paying you to keep this up? Israel’s a good place for frum Jews, not thanks to but despite all the efforts that the govt makes

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