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Will Case Of Dead Sea Scrolls, Online Aliases End With Jail?

The unusual case of a New York man convicted of using online aliases to discredit his father’s detractors in a debate over the Dead Sea Scrolls is coming to an end after nine years.

A Manhattan judge is expected to decide Monday on Raphael Golb’s final bid to reduce his two-month jail sentence. It was imposed in 2014, but appeals put it on hold and narrowed the counts in his criminal impersonation and forgery conviction.

Golb was convicted in 2010, but appeals cut a twist-filled path through state and federal courts.

The case also prompted New York state’s highest court in 2014 to strike down an aggravated harassment law. The court said it was unconstitutionally vague. Lawmakers later passed a revised version.

Golb is now hoping for a no-jail sentence.


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