WATCH: Chareidi Man Patrols Ramat Bet Shemesh With A Stick; Orders Women Off The Streets


In the accompanying video we see an extremist male in chareidi garb conducting a one-man patrol in the Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet neighborhood.

He is armed with a stick and ordering girls to get off the streets and head home.

The suspect was questioned by Israel Police on Friday.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Hmmm…. quite a misleading headline. This is truly a breakdown in honest journalism.

    He’s trying to get a couple of girls, who are probably misbehaving and starting with a few boys, to go away/home, which is indicative from the way they’re dressed and the fact that another women walked by and he did not say anything to her.

    Is he right, no no no – but he’s not patrolling the streets either, looking for women to force out of the streets.

  2. The girls said “al tarbitz”, which shows they felt physically threatened. Yes, he replied that he would not strike them. Even so, his wielding a stick was clearly a threatening act. Hitting with the stick, which he did NOT do, would legally be called “battery”. But wielding a stick in a threatening way does legally constitute “assault”, for which he can easily be arrested and prosecuted. In other words, he behaved in a very uncivilized (a.k.a “behamish”) manner. That’s a serious chilul Hashem, especially considering that this was video’d and will easily go viral.

  3. It is poor journalism to only report part of a story. This should have been followed up with an interview with this man. We have no idea why or even what he is doing.

  4. Not a misleading headline at all. This hooligan was patrolling the streets with a stick. The girls he was threatening had every right to be on the street. Hopefully the police will identify him very quickly and lock him up, either in jail or a psychiatric ward.

  5. he doesn’t look dangerous to me? the girls are laughing on the video getting a good kick out of this guy. Why are you own painting him as an extremeist radical? he is just trying to get attention seeking teenage girls off the street, and you are turning this into a big deal? shame on you ywn, your know different then this guy I promise. your trying to show everyone that your oifklert and like the educated sophisticated modern people in englewood,teanneck riverdale etc. the difference is they have college degrees and are studious ,you are a tunie stop trying to be like them

  6. Whenever you post such items about RBS, *please* specify alef, bet, or gimmel. Obviously this story happened in bet, next to the new Yesh.
    When readers see plain “ramat beit shemesh” in the headline, they automatically associate it with beautiful and peaceful alef, and that would shame us.

  7. Ramat Bet Shemesh? That’s not entirely true, you should of added Bet, the area that have lots of Chassidim, and is known for the extremists who have put up tzniyus signs, spat on girls, etc. This isn’t new news…

    This isn’t the entire city, it’s that one neighborhood we always hear about.
    Be more accurate.

  8. This problem. In Beit shemesh is too far gone already . the protest is jist venting frustration with the reality. Now it is goimg to become a game.sorry no easy answers.

  9. Tell me, what do you think the NYPD would do if someone patrolled down 13th Avenue with a stick telling innocent bystanders to get off the streets and go home? If he was really unlucky he might end up dead. If the cops felt in a good mood he would get taken down to the Precinct House for a few hours. If they wanted to teach him a non-violent lesson, he would be taken for a psychiatric work up. Running about the streets with a stick telling people to go home is a sign of a violent character or a nut case. Which one was this holy individual? I vote for a potentially violent psychiatric case.

  10. > annoyed

    You really should not offend the readership here by pretending we are to stupid to understand what a “nervous giggle” means (and it is not “enjoyment”). And I have the impression he knew he was being videoed, so how this guy might behave if he thought he could not get caught is very disturbing.

  11. Out of context
    There is a background here that is unknown, because you are revealing someone’s actions without us knowing the background there is a serious question of L”H with your post.
    Were these girls machshil bochurim in the yeshiva he is mashkiach?
    Were they doing other undesirable things in public that are assur?
    Or was he going to an unacceptable extreme that Daas Torah would criticize?
    Because that is unclear in this post it is beyond me what business I have looking at it or the “Yeshivaworld” posting it.
    An explanation of the background is necessary or please pull this post

  12. they were girls who were enticing the ‘..yaan ku holchu benos tzion …vetufos braglayhem’! as you see a tzenuah dressed women was not bothered…see that verse in yeshayeh on what the gemmorah says why temple destroyed!!

  13. Kenzain, they were on a public street not in a yeshiva. Who is he and who are you to decide what they can and cannot do? BTW, he was arrested and is a known trouble maker.

  14. He is a modern day Pinchus, a tzaddik.
    Look how gentle he is, not hitting but gently hinting!
    Does anyone here have any idea how demoralizing the actions of those un znius females is?
    No idea at all?
    Come on now!

  15. Its a shame that one of these women did not grab the stick from his hand and beat him to a bloody pulp. How can any frum yid remotely justify this behavior. Hopefully, next time we will see the video of a woman beating him to send a message to any other hoodlums who act is such a disgusting way.

  16. YWN, please follow up on this and let us know what his punishment is. I am tempted to say that this is an appropriate case for public flogging, with his own stick.

  17. Dorah, your mindless comment just reveals your vile sadistic tendencies to the public. All the more shocking coming from a grandmother on her rocking chair. Bear in mind the individual didn’t actually hit anyone or even raise the stick. Yet instead of advocating jail, you wish for him to be beaten to a “bloody pulp”. It may even be an illegal promotion of violence.

  18. Uncle ben. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with how a bais din would deal with such a person . Look up the halachos of a rodef,mazik and a person who terrorizes. He would be only happy to be beaten up.