Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital: The Story Of One Young Life That Was Saved


A young couple with a one-year-old baby arrived at the Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center on motzei Shabbos after falling in the afternoon at the stairwell. The boy was vital and active, but the parents came for tests because the boy vomited.

Oshi Shlomovitz, the nurse who was in charge of the pediatric emergency room during that particular shift, whose second hat is also the director of the local Hatzoloh with many years of life saving experience, was busy checking another child when he suddenly noticed suspicious signs of the baby who had fallen on the stairs and was waiting for a check.

Oshi took the boy immediately and ran with him to the resuscitation room because he had already identified signs of brain hemorrhage and a slow pulse even though outwardly the baby would have looked fine.

“The parents were shocked and did not understand why CPR was needed and why an anesthesiologist was called.”

The pediatrician, Dr. Shani Levin Blustein and the nurse Etti Orlnick, together with nurse Ushi Shlomovitz, carried out immediate actions to save the babys life, including intubation and resuscitation.

The emergency director, Dr. Alex Glaser, was urgently summoned from her home and continued along with the other doctors to stabilize the child’s condition and prepared him for transfer to another hospital for urgent brain surgery to stop brain bleeding.

After a few days, the boy’s parents came to thank the emergency staff for their quick identification and professional treatment. Their son was lucky, and his life was saved.

Dr. Alex Glaser, the director of emergency screening, adds: “Thanks to the rapid response to the sorting of children, we have been able to save the child’s life and give him the most professional treatment.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)