PHOTOS: Smashing Smart Phones In Front Of Maran Rav Kanievsky



Bochrim from the Shikun Vav area in Bnei Brak have a shiur in Beit Knesset Shalom V’Reus 63 Kehillos Yaakov Street. (Named after the Steipler ZATZAL)

The rav who gives this particular shiur, Rav Zechariah Shama told of one person who visited HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita and explained he has difficulties making a living. The rav explains he was told “if you do something above nature (מעל הטבע) then you will have an abundance all your life”.

He took upon himself to smash his smartphone and others took this upon themselves too, stating they would move to a kosher phone.

They were given a bracha B’ezras Hashem, the Geula will come speedily in our day, amen.

ובעזרת השם תגיע הגאולה במהרה אמן

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. oh is this going to get a lot of comments; a limud zechus is, that its possible that for these yungeleit who are not working ” and have way less on their plate ” the smartphone is not necessary and is a distraction . if so dump it anytime someone gives up a comfort.. or something for hashem its an akeidah ( as someone who arises early is makriv his bed & pillow, …)
    one final point the kotzker saw a talmid doing gilgul sheleg as a punishment for giving into his taivos asuros so the kotzker asked if YOU sinned why are you punishing your BODY!!!!!!! remember the ” keliy” did not sin you did

  2. To the letz and to the editors/moderators of YWN who felt they were doing the world a great service by circling the phone at the bottom left (assuming it would point out a huge level of hypocrisy on the part of mosrei nefesh, making the assumption it was a non-kosher cell phone); (1) kosher/filtered phones have the ability to take, and even send, videos, (2) the one taking the video may not have been part of the group of kedoshim, and (3) he may have been asked to record for prosperity.

  3. עולם שקר. To publicize a smartphone breaking ceremony via a smartphone is just a bunch of garbage. So it’s not leitzanus it’s being real. אמת. Don’t be full of you know what.

  4. Oy, the hypocrisy. Smashing smartphones while taking a video with a smartphone. Are they not embarassed to take the phone out in front of Rav Chaim?
    Oy le’oso busha…
    @Meir G, you got it right on. I was thinking the same thing.

  5. NOTE: Rabbi Kanievsky DID NOT tell this person to destroy his cell phone….The person himself decided that destroying his cell phone was something he needed to do in order to “go above nature” . Hopefully this will not get distorted as to what the Rav actually said.

  6. The real issue, is not the very act they decided to – Kol haKavod for all that personally decided they are not using any smartphones! (That could mean more time for more important things on their end etc…).

    The issue will be when this will become the Thing-to-Do and will later be imposed on others…