WATCH THIS! EPIC FLOODING AROUND ISRAEL: Unprecedented Iyar Storm Continues



If you are living or visiting Yerushalayim this evening, Thursday, 11 Iyar, there is nothing other than thunder, lightning, extremely heavy rainfall backed by strong wind gusts. The weather on Wednesday, which was extreme, appears to be outdone by Thursday evening’s showers.

The videos posted below were taken on Thursday evening in Jerusalem, Beit Sha’an and other areas. Stores, homes, Batei Midrashim and cars are flooded around Israel. The YWN Israel office in Jerusalem reports that the rain on Thursday evening was harder then they have seen in many years.

The streets are empty on this Thursday night, and while one usually sees Yerushalmim getting ready for Shabbos, no one is on the streets as they wait for the latest wave of this unseasonable weather to dissipate.

While rescue workers and emergency agencies are working to fight the clock and find the last missing student from the Aravah tragedy, there are reports of downed trees and collapsing sewers in many areas.

The forecast for erev Shabbos calls for warming, but showers and even thundershowers are expected to return during the day. Shabbos is expected to be pleasant.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)