Jerusalem City Council To Vote On Future Of Mitcham HaTachana And Shmiras Shabbos


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Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is the coming weeks will bring the matter of the Mitcham HaTachana operating on Shabbos at the behest of chareidi partners. Secularists opposing the closure of the venue on Shabbos explain it is one of the few areas available to them for entertainment on Shabbos. In fact, the chareidi parties are pressuring the mayor, seeking a new vote before the upcoming elections in the city.

The Yerushalmim party feels there is absolutely no reason for its closure. However, if the chareidim appear at the meeting in two weeks, they could have a majority to vote to close the site, which only operates due to the Shas councilmen absenting him from the last vote, which led to the decision to operate on Shabbos.

In that vote, in February 2016, Shas representatives were not at the meeting, and they made sure to shut their cellphones so they could not be reached, as was reported by YWN-ISRAEL.

The religious councilmen were furious over Shas’ absence, which has serious consequences. Councilman Yitzchak Pindrus is quoted by Kikar Shabbos News saying “he was in the building and simply disappeared. Someone here got something in return”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)