Former US Presidential Candidate Apologizes For ‘Ignorant’ Comments On Jews


Former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on a visit to Israel has apologized for remarks she made about Jews in the past.

The 2012 candidate spoke Sunday at a Jewish-Christian Bible study session in Israel’s parliament.

Bachmann asked for forgiveness from the Jewish people “for the horrible and arrogant way Christians, I include myself among them, treated and regarded the Jewish people.”

She said “I have stated things that should not have said and I apologize profoundly… for my statements that though said in ignorance have brought pain.”

She didn’t specific what she was apologizing for.

In 2015, the firebrand conservative reportedly called for Jews to be converted to Christianity.

She said as she reads the Bible she is “learning more and more that it is all about Israel.”

Her visit comes as the U.S. moves its embassy to Jerusalem this week.



  1. Bachman should simply issue a blanket apology for her ignorance on most issues as evidenced by her seemingly nonstop verbal gaffes over the years, both as a member of congress, during her circus like presidential campaign and now as a private citizen. Do you recall such head scratchers as confusing John Wayne the actor with John Wayne Gacey, the mass murderer, claiming that the HPV vaccine caused mental retardation, claiming that she was one of the “top tax experts” in the U.S. because she was a CPA who had prepared some tax returns, and a whole series of nareshkeit about transposing new and old testament parables. She was characterized as the” next Sarah Palin without the smarts”. In he yeas in Congress she never got a bill passed. Anyway, some comic relief after a very stressful week.