Israel: Court Orders the Release of Beit Shemesh Corruption Suspects


A hearing was held in the Rishon L’Tzion Magistrate Court on Monday, 29 Iyar, on the extension of the detention of the suspects in the Beit Shemesh political corruption case.

At the hearing, it was decided to release Moshe Montag, chairman of the municipality’s planning and building committee, municipal engineer Danny Tzarfati and entrepreneur Ben David, under restrictive conditions.

Satmar chossid Leibel Waldman was released a day earlier to house arrest and suspects David Tapalinsky and Albert Assulin were released, also confined to house arrest.

The suspects were part of the major police sweep, in which numerous persons were taken into custody and their homes and offices raided.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Just so there is no confusion, the court relaxed the terms of their arrest and detention while the investigation proceeds and prior to their trial. They were NOT exonerated nor were the charges dropped.

  2. Dear Gadolhatorah,
    That’s one way of thinking,
    But with Jews like you (that’s if you are one) who needs antisemites,
    Shame on you, instead of being דן לכף זכות you should at least pray that whatever the outcome will be it should not do any harm to anyone, let the Ribono shel olam take care of it, before he takes care of you,

  3. The chief suspect in this case has been unappolagetic in his responsibility for a major part of the sina between Jews in Beit Shemesh. He deserves no dan lekaf zechus based on his public record of strife that he has created.
    Those that support his tribal politics support the antisemites chymee is concerned about.

  4. YW couldn’t resist the chance to bash Satmar
    6 individuals are mentioned in the article, but the only one was identified by his kehilla affiliation is , “Satmar chossid Leibel Waldman”
    if this is pertinent to the story, then why don’t you tell us who the others are ??