Egypt Delivers A Stern Warning To Hamas; Israel Will ‘Liquidate Hamas’


The head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, recently concluded a significant meeting in Egypt with the head of intelligence, General Khaled Fawzi, during which it was made clear to him that if the demonstrations planned for the Nakba Day march were out of control, Israel would not hesitate to liquidate the terror organization which is organizing, funding and encouraging it.

It should be noted that since Operation Protective Edge, Israel has almost ceased to adopt this policy as a warning to the Hamas leadership.

Haniyeh, who was summoned to a meeting with the head of Egyptian intelligence last week, responded negatively, but after pressure exerted on him, he agreed to leave for Egypt.

It was reported today that as part of the IDF’s preparations for the riots expected, there is growing concern over the kidnapping of an IDF soldier under the auspices of tens of thousands of Palestinians who intend to flock en masse to the fence.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Yep. Hamas needs to be liquidated. It is a savage tribe of subhuman predators, completely uncivilized, and powered by nothing greater than hatred and thirst for Jewish blood. They cannot be taught, rehabilitated, or controlled. They have no future in a civilized world, and are only valuable for the meat they could become for hungry carnivores. Exterminate them, and find a useful way of disposing of the carcasses.

    I know this sounds radical, but every other method of containing them, blaming their terror on unemployment and poverty, financial assistance, and even the political support they got from the Obama administration y”sh were complete failures. They should be wiped out without a trace left.

  2. וכל מחשיבותם רק רע כל היום. I see this as an opportunity to wipe them out like what Shimon and Levy did to Shechem!! Slaughter them like sheep!!!