FAKE NEWS: Did Yigal Amir Escape From A Police Car?


Anyone familiar with social media must also be aware of ‘fake news’ and the fact that so much disinformation is spread. As rockets were striking southern Israel on Tuesday, there were messages and reports of IDF mobilization and an imminent military operation into Gaza. On Wednesday, 16 Sivan, another rumor has been buzzing on social media, this one involving the convicted assassin of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, Yigal Amir.

Amir, who is serving a life sentence was being transported in an Israel Prison Service (IPS) vehicle and he managed to evade his guards and flee the vehicle. They message spread quickly in Israel, stating, “handcuffed and shackled, life sentence prisoner Yigal Amir evaded guards and fled an IPS vehicle, which was making its way to the magistrate court, where there was to be a hearing regarding conditions of his incarceration.

The bogus message stated, the vehicle got as far as Derech Namir at the intersection of Finks, and we were compelled to stop due to a flat in a rear tire. Five minutes passed and the second guard, C.N, got out of the vehicle to assist A.R. Amir took advantage of the situation, opened the back-rear door and fled. The shackless from his legs were left behind on the seat. IPS officials believe one of the guards assisted him.

The streets of Tel Aviv are full of plain-clothed officers looking for Amir. The two prison guards are being questioned by the Shin Bet. A major operation is underway.

As the fake news made its way around, the Israel Prison Service actually released a message denying the report.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What’s real fake news is that Yigal Amir murdered Yitzhak Rabin. Amir did not murder anyone. How can you murder someone when your gun has blanks in it? Yigal was a useful idiot for Avishai Raviv and his buddies at the Shin Bet, who got caught in the middle.