Who Shot The Terrorist At The Merkaz Massacre?


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kill.jpgInitially, the media (including the Israeli media) reported that 40-year-old Yitchak Dadon was the person who killed the terrorist at the Merkaz massacre. For some strange reason, the media shifted, and the IDF issued a statement that David Shapira, an IDF officer of the Paratrooper Brigade’s Battalion 890 Operations Branch, attacked and killed the terrorist. He was then called a hero, and Yerushalayim Mayor Uri Lupolianski met with him and praised his heroic actions.

Why the sudden change? Why didn’t the government issue any statement calling Yitzchak Dadon a hero as well?

Times Online, UK: “He was shot and killed by Yitzhak Dadon, an off-duty army officer, who occasionally studied at the seminary. “He came out of the library spraying automatic fire … the terrorist came to the entrance and I shot him twice in the head,” said Mr Dadon, who, like many Israeli men, carries a weapon at all times.”

Chicago Tribune: “A student, Yitzhak Dadon, said he shot the attacker first with his own pistol. He told Israel Radio that when the shooting started, he climbed out of a window to a porch. “The terrorist went out and started spraying gunfire in the air,” he said. “He stood at the main entrance to the library. … I shot two bullets in his head, and he started to turn. He started swaying and then a fellow with an M-16 … finished him off. We kept shooting at him until we emptied our clips.”

Jerusalem Post: “We heard shooting and knew that something had happened,” recounted Yitzhak Dadon, 40, who studies at the yeshiva. Dadon said he cocked his handgun and went up to the roof of the yeshiva, where he saw the terrorist spraying gunfire indiscriminately at the crowd inside. Dadon said he fired two bullets at the terrorist, who began to stumble.”

Video of TV reporter interviewing Yitzchak Dadon – minutes after he shot the terrorist – click HERE to watch.

The list continues with close to 100 news agencies reporting the same thing.

Then things suddenly changed:

IDF: Captain David Shapira, an IDF officer of the Paratrooper Brigade’s Battalion 890 Operations Branch, attacked and killed the Palestinian terrorist who executed last night’s terror attack in the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem in which 8 students were killed. The Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, addressed the officer this morning, praising his fast actions and for exemplifying the true IDF spirit. The Chief of Staff went on to praise the courage and professionalism of the officer’s actions last night.

Haaretz:Shapira went in anyway……..he knows the building and how to approach. He realized the shooting was coming from the vicinity of the library and searched for a good position. “After identifying the source of the shooting he opened fire and verified the hit. … Afterward he continued to search the yeshiva in order to rule out the possibility of a second terrorist. He told me there were a lot of people locked in their rooms.”

USA Today: In the city, YnetNews says Israeli officials are praising the off-duty soldier who killed the attacker. “I am no hero,” David Shapira says. “I acted as required of me as an IDF soldier.”

Ynet: Shortly after the attack, Shapira met with Lupolianski, who praised him for saving the lives of Jerusalem residents through his brave actions. “I am no hero,” Shapira replied. “I acted as required of me as an IDF soldier.”


  1. I guess the Gov’t didn’t like Dadon criticizing Peres for giving the terrorists weapons and Olmert for being the fool he is.

    So much for Free Speech in this country

  2. It was pretty clear all along that Dadon shot him twice first but he was still shooting and then the other IDF officer finished the job. I guess the 2nd guy deserves some credit too but the first guy should not be left out.

  3. I don’t understand why the guy behind him is laughing.That might be the reasons for the change, it looks like propaganda. With all due respect.

  4. This is a Mosad coverup. Dadon was a Mosad subcontractor, who was put on alert ahead of time that an incident might happen in yeshiva, but that they did not know which one. They couldnt send out full alerts to all yeshivas beacuse that would have exposed their informant. Dadon shot the guy and the Mosad decided that they didnt want to have a picture of one of their secret agents splashed across mass media and hailed as a recognized hero. They chose a regular IDF paratrooper, Shapiro to take the credit.

  5. on that video clip this yound guy talking on his phone to the right of Dadon is smiling the whole time (probably excited to be on live TV) – very out of place when 8 young bachurim have just been killed r”l. One gets the feeling that we feel the news more from a distance than those standing right outside the building where it happened… or are they just immune to it.

  6. Just as it matters who shot and killed the animal it also matters who is responsible for this Horrible attack, at least to some degree.
    Look at the Video Interview, and see how the leftist Channel 2 Refused to air the Truth that Yitzhak Dadon had to say. All he wanted to do was to present the truth about this Country’s leaders and share the feelings of thousands of people living in this so called “Democratic Country”

  7. הציבור נקרא להתפלל לרפואתם השלימה והמהירה של פצועי הטבח בישיבתנו, השוהים עדיין בבתי החולים.

    נפתלי בן גילה רחל שיטרית

    שמעון יחיאל בן תרזה בלזם

    נדב בן הדסה סמואלס

    ישעיהו בן ציפורה אברמסון

    יהודה הלל בן מרים שולמן

    שמעון בן רות יהב
    אליהו בן מרים קלרפילד

    שנזכה לשמוע בשורות טובות ישועות ונחמות.

    ישיבת מרכז הרב

  8. Are you kidding? because it was obvious from the 1st second (at least to me) that this guy Dadon made up the whole thing. why the media bought it at first is beyond me.

  9. #1 who said: “I guess the Gov’t didn’t like Dadon criticizing Peres for giving the terrorists weapons and Olmert for being the fool he is.
    So much for Free Speech in this country ”

    Hit the nail on the head! Spoke to people in the know in Eretz Yisroel. That’s exactly the upshot! And did you see how the REPORTERS (who should be the greatest advocates of free speech!) were trying to silence his comments! 🙁

  10. I agree w/ #7 – I was mortified to see this guy laughing & yacking on the phone like, as you said, he was probably excited about having his 15 minutes of fame. It sickens me how some people are just so callous (and clueless.)
    As far as Didon, when he was making anti-political comments I was cheering to myself. The Israeli gov’t has become intolerable. I’m sure if Golda Meir or Moshe Dayan were in charge, the situation in Israel would be a WHOLE LOT different – we gave those monsters, Y”S, gush katif, WHEN DOES IT END?? doesn’t the stupid govt realize that the arabs don’t want peace? they want to annihilate us – yet olmert and his cronies state that the peace talks will go on as scheduled.

  11. “eh Whut” Please tell me you are kidding. Any Mossad agent is smart enough not to allow himself to be videotaped.
    “Trefene Baal Habos ” care to explain what exactly made you feel that Dadon was fabricating the entire story ?


  13. to #10,trefene.what are you talking about. maybe you didnt understand because it was in ivrit.either way whats’ your point here

  14. Geavald.is somebody has a correct count how many YiDDiSCHA NESCHMOS get killed from the beginnig of 2008 till today including from the kassam rocets or from mines on the rd or from suside bobmes

    I personally believe mr. dadon, he spoke calmely and tried to give as much details as possible. He went off topic bc he takes it to heart.
    The bachur laughing in the backround has brought great shame and potentialy did a hilul hashem. No reason to laugh and smile during a tragedy.

    I also believe that it is ok for all of us to show happiness that this monster was killed, but debating about who had the “tzus” to kill him is pointless. If the secular media wants to give the credit to a soldier for political reasons let it be. We dont need that kind of credit. Sof davar, Hashem killed him using dadon or shapira, thank god it was not more than 8… it was a ness.

  16. 2 reasons that Dadon will not be in the headlines
    1. He talks the truth – not the way to go in the media
    2. He has his own personal gun, the govt wants all guns handed back to the IDF, and Israel not to turn into the Wild West.

  17. I think it may be that they did not want to give credit to someone learning in Yeshiva, when they could use the incident to show an army regular “saving” yeshiva students.

    As far a the laughing guy…. some people who are very nervous due to a trauma, both during and after, laugh, sometimes uncontrollably.

    I was stopped a few years ago for cutting off a police care. The female officer was very angry, and I got nervous and giggled and even laughed a bit. This ticked her off more, as she thought I was being calous about it, while I was just a scared person inside, while my exterior showed giggling and laughter.

    Maybe this person was having similar problems.

  18. I don’t know something about being a 40 year old bochur and somehow shooting him from a roof. His whole story and demeanor didn’t match. and i agree with #7. the guy laughing in the back bothered me alot.

  19. TBH,
    Do you own a gun ? ever shot a gun in your life ?

    As one who owns a few handguns, shoots them very often and carries one daily..

    Daddon’s story is 100% accurate.

    Only a meshuganer with a handgun would storm the building with a terrorist shooting a ak-47…

    Sorry but a guy that is shooting 600 rounds of ammo calls for some seichel..

    As for the army guy, he put his m16 on full auto.. went in and blew off 17 rounds of ammo..

  20. As for 40 year old bachur.. say what ? there are plenty of adulys learning at merkaz harav.. maybe nt full time students but still.

  21. It is pretty obvious that the kid in the background was just immature because he was on ntnl tv, it is pretty obvious at the beginning of the interview he pulls out his cell and tells someone (parents) or so to turn on tv and see their son the celebrity, later when he really smiles he is talking on the phone and most probably got excited and forget where he was when his family at home is telling him they see him, thats all, a little immature, nothing to get excited about, but the israeli media is for the books how they hushed up yitzchak dadoon when he mentions peres being the culprit, and finish him off that they have to go back to the ulpan, gimme a break,
    that is the only reason why dadoon was omitted as the initial shooter by the israeli media, because he revealed that which the govt would not want heard at that time namely that peres gave the arabs the kaslickov rifles the same gun that murdered these kedoshim, and if he would be proclaimed the hero ultimately his interview would have to be shown all over the news media, so the revisionists had a simple idea obliviate him and change the story a little…this is for the books. (then again look at the bright side its not so bad after all and it could of been worse, after all they didnt call a hit man on him to hush him)

  22. who cares who killed the donkey(arab) whether it be dadon or sherman or whoever. all we should do is pray to the ribono shel olam to hear our tfilos. we should look at this as musar haskel that our yeshivos are being attacked and not “WHO KILLED HIM” its all shtus

  23. Are we now suggesting the IDF hero may have wounded/killed some of the bachurim?
    If he went in to a room that had 8o living people in it before the shooting started and he used his automatic rifle to shoot 17 rounds of ammo hoping one of the bullets would hit the terrorist it would be likely he hit many innocent people at the same time.

  24. The first report I heard: a student in Yeshiva shot him in his head twice but he remainded alive, till a sniper of the army shot him to death (both of them had shot him outside of the building in order not to harm other students).

  25. I am actually surprised that the Israeli Government had not confiscated Mr. Dadon’s Gun. After all he is a Hamasophobic and leftistophobic guy. This is unacceptable in Olmert’s Government as free thinking people undermine the Olmert power structure.

    I think that the Israeli Rabonim ought to reenact the Orei Miklat for people who kill terrorists, to run away from the persecution of the Olmert / Israeli Government.

  26. ok, now who knows the real version of the story??
    its very very sad for what happend n i think its time we should c wots wrong w us n do teshuva.
    Does anyone know how the boys in the hospital r?? was any1 released??

  27. who cares about who killed him? why a argument out of everything??!! look at the families that lost their loved ones? weep for them! why is everything todays days an argument?? stop it! this is what brings all these things to happen, SINAS CHINUM! the main thing is we should be zoche already to hear the shofar shel moshiach.

  28. Treifeneh Baal Habos:

    If you are a baal habos, you shouldn’t be so naive and think that all 40 year olds are married, and sometimes people who are still learning in Yeshiva after marriage are referred to as bochurim.

  29. yes 6 went home already, one still remains in the ICU, while the other one will be discharged in the next few days. now everyone stop fighting if you dont want more tradgeries to happen!

  30. Both Rav Dadon and Hatzadik Shapiro were shutfim in the mitza of mechikat amalek.
    R’Dadon is 25 and has a number of seforim in addition to a pistol under his belt.
    David Shapiro is an alumni of the yeshiva, bnes he was home, he was supposed to be at his base, he left his kids in the bath for his wife to finish cleaning and ran out on a mission of hatzolas nefashot, even though he could easily also been killed.
    just like roi klein h”yd, who threw himself on a grenade while saying shema and was matzil 10’s of Yidden.
    we should be thankful that there are talmidei chachumin, yeshiva leit, who are zocheh to be matzil many nefoshot.
    so lets stop the analysis, rechilos, and try our best to be matzel ourselves and others from gashmiadick and ruchinusdik death.

  31. AhavasChinom points out something that many others seem to have missed: Shapira is also a yeshiva graduate (Har Bracha), who (according to what I read, if accurate) learned in yeshiva, served in the IDF and learned in yeshiva again before returning to the IDF. He seems to have also been connected to Merkaz Harav, like many people in the neighborhood there, who daven and learn in the yeshiva.
    In general it takes time to sort things out, and this terror attack is much more confusing than most. I know of bachurim who were there who refuse to change their minds and claim that they saw two terrorist.
    I don’t think the police/shabak have finished figuring out exactly what happened. Let’s wait and see, and pray for b’sorot tovot, yeshuot venechamot.