Egged Holding A Warning Strike In Tel Tzion


Egged is holding a warning strike in the chareidi Shomron neighborhood of Tel Tzion, which is part of the municipality of Kochav Yaakov, on Tuesday, 29 Sivan. They explain the driver of the 143 line alleges he was attacked by youths with bottles and stones, inside the community, and required medical care.

As a result of his complaint, which residents insists have yet to be checked and verified, the union representing the drivers has decided to strike service to Tel Tzion on Tuesday from 5:30AM-7:00AM. This refers only inside Tel Tzion and not Kochav Yaakov or picking up passengers on the way.

According to a Shai District police spokesman, the driver reported he was attacked while in Tel Tzion on Sunday evening, the eve of 28 Sivan. He continued on his route to the Hizme Checkpoint, where he reported youths attacked him after he opened the door for them at a bus stop. They hurled rocks and ran, and he was lightly injured. The driver filed an official police complaint on Monday morning. Police have launched an investigation.

Residents have issued a condemnatory statement since the allegations by the driver have yet to be verified.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)