Tel Aviv’s Meretz Deputy Mayor Wants To Silence Erev Shabbos Sirens


Meital Lehavi, deputy mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa on behalf of the Meretz faction, appealed to the police in an attempt to thwart the operation of the sirens, which are sounded on erev Shabbos.

According to Lehavi, “In recent months and every weekend, sirens are being played and loud music is being played on Friday evenings from shuls in Tel Aviv-Jaffa,” in blatant violation of public silence and a violation of the Noise Law.

Lehavi asked followers on her Facebook page to send her the addresses where the sirens are operating.

“Following my requests, I contacted the police and they want to take action on the matter and need supplementary information,” she wrote.

As reported by Chareidim 10, three weeks ago, Shas chairman in Tel Aviv, Natan Elnatan attacked Eldad Mizrahi, chairman of the religious council in Tel Aviv, accusing him of working “hand-in-hand with the anti-religious elements in the city”.

In response, Mizrachi wrote, “Unfortunately, you have chosen to put in place a system that announces the entry of Shabbos in the new Ramat Aviv neighborhood, which not only does not help to bring hearts closer, but rather, has led to polarization and protest by residents of the neighborhood.”

“As Chazal teach us, ‘כשם שמצווה לומר דבר הנשמע כך מצווה לא לומר דבר שאינו נשמע’. This is exactly the case here and there is no point in your insistence and in this case, the damage is far bigger than the gain”.

Mizrahi clarified, “Before it is too late, the protest measures will be stepped up in front of the shul by the residents of the neighborhood who plan it, during davening and in order to create a disgrace and everything must be done to prevent this Chilul Hashem and to reach dialogue, to strive to increase peace, even if you choose to continue on your path to defame and distort reality. ”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


    רמבם ספר המדע הלכות דעות פרק ו הלכה ז
    הרואה חבירו שחטא או שהלך בדרך לא טובה מצוה להחזירו למוטב ולהודיעו שהוא חוטא על עצמו במעשיו הרעים שנאמר הוכח תוכיח את עמיתך. המוכיח את חבירו בין בדברים שבינו לבינו. בין בדברים שבינו לבין המקום. צריך להוכיחו בינו לבין עצמו. וידבר לו בנחת ובלשון רכה ויודיעו שאינו אומר לו אלא לטובתו להביאו לחיי העולם הבא. אם קיבל ממנו מוטב ואם לאו יוכיחנו פעם שניה ושלישית. וכן תמיד חייב אדם להוכיחו עד שיכהו החוטא ויאמר לו איני שומע. וכל שאפשר בידו למחות ואינו מוחה הוא נתפש בעון אלו כיון שאפשר לו למחות בהם:

  2. is it because it is too loud or the music is not clear or too long? OR is the reason she hates Orthodox practices and this just reminds her that she is violating the Torah by messing about on Friday eve?

  3. mayerfreud… no need to preach to the converted.

    SyG. …. Bang on. Throw them out. This is a classic case of Sinat Chinam. The timing couldn’t be better.