Knesset Speaker Wishes To See Kahlon, Bennet And Shaked In The Likud


Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein spoke with reporters in Knesset on Monday night, addressing his status in Likud. He stated he hopes to emerge with the number 1 slot in party primaries.

Regarding relations in the Likud and the reconciliation he recently held with Prime Minister Netanyahu, he said: “We have to make sure that all the movement’s leaders feel achdus.”

After the words of MK David Bitan said that Ayelet Shaked would have defeated Miri Regev had she been a Likud candidate, Edelstein said, “I would like [Bayit Yehudi party chairman Naftali] Bennet and [Justice Minister (Bayit Yehudi) Ayelet] Shaked to come to the Likud as well as [Kulanu party chairman Moshe] Kahlon … I have no doubt that if they run in the Likud, they would be elected to the next Knesset and earn high places”.

Kahlon left Likud only to return after establishing his Kulanu party.

Edelstein was asked by a correspondent from ‘Srugim’ if he ever has or plans to visit Har Habayis in light of PM Netanyahu’s decision to lift the prohibition of elected officials to visit the holy site.

Edelstein replied, “I went up to Har Habayis many years ago when my son was a bar mitzvah, including all the laws of mikve, cloth shoes, etc. But under the circumstances, it is not possible,” said Edelstein. When the Waqf goes with you and around you, along with policemen, without the possibility of davening, and I do not disobey instructions, so I do not go up in those circumstances. Those who visit and connect, I accept this”.

It should be noted that Gedolei Yisrael throughout the generations along with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, have prohibited visiting Har Habayis as there is an Issur Kares.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Foolish or naïve.
    Mapai tried this in the ’60s .They joined up all almost similar parties for a super party Ma’arach.
    All together they lost votes. Enough of the voters just turned for some other variant party