OUTRAGEOUS COMMENT: MK Elazar Stern: The Value Of IDF Service Is No Less Than Limud Torah


The special committee working to finalize the new IDF draft law convened Wednesday, 28 Tammuz, to discuss the law. The meeting comes amidst threats from Deputy Minister Yaakov Litzman, and his demand to delay moving the law ahead and to request an extension from the High Court of Justice. Litzman has threatened to break from the coalition if his ultimatum is not adhered to.

During the discussion, the MKs discussed the paragraph dealing with the goal of the draft law when MK (Yesh Atid) Elazar Stern complained to MK (Likud) David Amsalem, chairman of the recruitment committee: “Why does the text say only the value of Torah study and not a word about the value of the service in the IDF? This is an ancient value, no less so than the study of Torah.”

A representative of the Defense Ministry’s legal bureau explained that the current wording of the purpose of the law is inconsistent with the purpose of the broad law, and MK Amsalem asked the legal advisor of the Defense Ministry to present a different version of the clause addressing the goal of the law, to mention the other principles alongside limud Torah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. although it says, המעזה הוא העיקר still the deed of serving in the IDF without learning is not worthy of the learning since the person who does not study Torah is worse than a boor.

  2. what Stern said: “This is an ancient value, no less so than the study of Torah.” is 100% correct. we read more often in Tanach of Jews going to war than learning Torah.

  3. Outrageous? Really? The entire D”L/Chard”al world thinks the exact same thing – which is precisely why they all leave yeshiva in order to serve in the IDF. Not bedieved but milechatchilla.