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MAZEL TOV! Chareidi Woman Becomes Grandmother And Gives Birth To Tenth Child On Same Day

A Givat Ze’ev resident recently gave birth to her tenth child. Less than 24-hours prior to her sons birth, she became a grandmother for the first time.

Elisheva Baumel gave birth in Hadassah Har Hatzofim hospital shortly after her daughter-in-law did so in the same location. The first to be born was the son of singer Nachman Baumel and grandson of Elisheva. His son was later to be named Yosef.

Elisheva arrived the next morning and wasn’t there to visit the new mother, but rather to give little Yosef a new uncle.

“We still haven’t quite digested the whole scenario,” said Elisheva to the Israeli media site Ynet. “Just yesterday I was holding both new wonderful babies and I became overwhelmed with joy.”

Aharon Shmuel Baumel, the father and new grandfather said: “This was a particularly unique experience that not many people get to have.”

Professor Simcha Yagel, who is the Director of the Maternity Ward of Hadassah said: “We are always happy when something like this happens and shows us just how special the religious and Charedi community is. It is certainly gratifying to see that even the next generation chooses to give birth here at Hadassah. Generally, the grandmother helps her daughter-in-law to raise the grandchildren, only a few merit that the grandmother and daughter-in-law should raise their children together.”

Elisheva set the record straight regarding the possibility of a re-occurrence. “Hopefully, I’ll come back here again.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Wow. Stop the presses! This never happened in the history of the world since creation! Unbelievable! Moshiach tzeiten! Where do I send my $360 check? Seriously? Slow news day?
    Mazel Tov. They should have a lot of Yiddishe nachas, BE”H.

  2. To each their own. To me, I believe this will create an unhealthy and strange relationship between mother, grandmother, uncle, and nephew. Hashem creates various stages in family life (through age 120) and I don’t feel the appropriate support and chinuch would be provided if I became a father and grandfather on the same day.

  3. very nice

    WATS the big headlines

    i know many people who give birth again after having grandchildren

    so it happened in the same day !!!

    very nice but nothing spectacular

  4. This is news worthy?.. I have a friend in New Jersey who became a grandmother and mother again a day apart. Both boys. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence . I heard about this happening years ago. This happens when girls get married young.

  5. I wish them all strong financial strength to take care of all the [grand]children, and hope they all have very good life assurances.

  6. Good advertising for the “singer Nachman Baumel ” as well as the Maternity Ward of Hadassah. Who put it up on YWN? Anyway, Mazal Tov to all.

  7. tgishabbos
    too late, you shouldve told before. and pray tell, every family is perfect,huh?
    b’h we leave these things up to hashem, you just stick to your family planning

  8. Wasn’t there a similar case a few months ago at Hadassah Hospital, with the daughter-in-law giving birth to triplets, and in the last paragraph of the YWN article the babies’ names were listed and they were all Muslim names? (I thought that it was cute.) Some party-poopers complained. So now we’re making up for it by hearing about Jewish people with the same thing. Mazel Tov to all.

  9. Savta looks young. So why do you all have to bicker about it? All we seem to read these days is “communicated content” = tsuris & fatal/near fatal accidents. It’s nice to read happy news & see a whole, functional family celebrating smachot.

    Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av, & you’re still arguing. Didn’t you learn anything about the drei vochen/9 days in Cheder? Enough already!

  10. Mazal tov! Is there a haredi Biggest Loser for this family? Sheesh. U’shmartem me’od l’nafshosechem. Sorry to be mean, but there is an inyan of kiddush HaSh-m, no? Enjoy all your babies.

  11. tgishabbos

    acihtofel, in doved hamalech times, was a great grandfather when he was 35 years old .
    he didnt seem to worry about your fears

  12. shimeN, and Avraham Avinu married someone around 100 years younger than him. Noach lived more than 900 years. I’m not sure if your validating my statement or comparing apples to oranges.

    BaltimoreMaven- 1. Unlike you, as a male I never noticed her elbows until you pointed it out.
    2. Just like she decided to be a mother at the same age her daughter, I deeply disagree with her decision but I respect her decision. Please respect her decision to dress the way she and/or family decides to dress. 3. Lastly, that appears to be a hospital gown, not her own outfit.

  13. To Maryland Madness (aka BaltimoreMavind)…..

    Perhaps she should wear a Burqua?? Or are you disappointed that she didn’t also become a great-grandmother on the same day. Yidden may have different views on the pros/cons of older women continuing to have children after they already have older kids but that is THEIR choice and we should simply wish all the family mazel tov and not nitpick on elbows and knees. If you were just trolling, than bad choice of venue

  14. BaltimoreMaven, you are right. Unfortunately tznius is being disregarded and people like you who are pointing out something so glaringly wrong are getting sarcastic comments and it’s totally wrong.

    Kol hakovod to you.

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