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Merkaz Terrorist YMS Buried

nn.jpgIsrael Police reported on Thursday morning that the terrorist responsible for last week’s attack in Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva was buried during the night, in a private ceremony attended by a small number of family members and friends. This, according to a Thursday morning exclusive report by Galei Tzahal (Army Radio).

Police delayed turning over the remains of the Jerusalem terrorist for almost a week, fearing the parents, residents of the Jabel Mukaber area of the capital, intended to turn the funeral into a major political event with media coverage.

Police would not release the body until such time officials were confident the burial would take place without incident, in a private ceremony, without the presence of members of the press.

(By Yechiel Spira for YWN)

16 Responses

  1. Hope they threw in some chazer with the body.

    I guarantee that if this is publicized to the Arabs, this type of activity will come to an end. They all want the “olam haba”, and a nice slice of chazer would prevent that from happening

  2. hmmm….I wonder why they didn’t pump a few extra bullets into this neveilehs body at point blank range “just to make sure” like he did to his victims HY”D…

  3. This animal that was buried should have been starved to death or treated like the animal that he has proven to be. His burial should not have even gotten recognized on this website.

  4. Can someone please explain to me why they return the bodies of terrorists? why dont they use it as part of a prisoner exchange. it makes no sense.

  5. to qsman:

    in the early 20th century, the british had a pblm with muslim terrorists in india. so the british (military) governor of india rounded up “the usual suspects” 50 of them.

    he had 49 of them killed, and had them buried in pigskin (muslims cannot go to heaven if they are buried in pig skin — no 72 virgins, etc)

    and the 50th one, he released to tell everyone what happened.

    there was NO terrorism anymore in india (from muslims).

    the british general — general orde wingate, a bible scholar who previously taught kibutznikim about miltary strategy using the bible — tanach.

  6. The chazar story is an urban legend, I’ve been trying to find sources for the story but never could….in any case it won’t change anything, the big sheikh will institute a heter and all these animals will go on with their meshuggeh all over.

  7. When he died he got to HKBH who automaticly sent him to G’henim where the 8 kedoshim got to start the fires and turn up the heat.

    Er zul brenin un brutin in gehenim l’oylam va’ed!

  8. The remains of that subhuman YMS should have been shipped to Africa and thrown into the jungle to be eaten by hyenas.

    That, however, may have constituted animal abuse.

  9. #1 & 8; Makes sense !
    As for #10’s arguement, it doesn’t have to be true( and of course the whole concept is narish )but thats what propaganda is “Sow doubt”.

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