VIDEO: Israel Police Thwart The Smuggling Of Dozens Of Parrots At Ben-Gurion International Airport


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Israel Police at Ben-Gurion International Airport thwarted the smuggling of dozens of parrots. Animals smuggled from abroad without proper authorization may carry diseases that endanger public health.

In a joint operation of the Israel Police detectives at Ben-Gurion Airport and the Israel Nature & National Parks Protection Authority, 36 parrots stuffed into two suitcases were thwarted on Monday, 9 Elul.

Police surmise the birds were smuggled from Belgium to Israel, held inside cages that were placed in suitcases.

The suspects, ages 23 and 46, residents of the north, were detained for questioning and continued processing by the Israel Nature & National Parks Protection Authority.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/ Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesman Unit via Media Resource Group)


  1. Dear Indian ring Parakeets, white and yellow kind are expensive kind of those parakeets. They are not regular parakeets. Please have mercy and kindness upon all birds, parrots, and “parakeets”,
    and any kind of birds in general.
    They deserve to be free in their own original habitat, not being smuggled
    in a suitcase. It made me cry to see these birds in the suitcase!!!
    Most these these poor parrots die in these kind of cruel smugglings.
    This kind of smuggling of live animals should be considered the worst kind of smugglings for the cruelty to an animal.
    Please visit educational parrot websites
    Please be kind to animals.
    They deserve to live, too.
    May there be “NO” more smuggling
    of live animals ever again.
    Consider even if they are not
    Indian ring parrots,
    is it alright to do this cruelty
    to parakeets?
    Please be kind to birds.
    If we do not buy parrots from petstores, there will be no more smuggling.
    There are thousands of homeless pet parrots in the world that the owners could not take care of them or sadly the owners passed away or for moving the parrots become homeless, rescue parrot centers do not know what to do with these so many homeless parrot, then there is still breeders breed these parrots in a cruel situation in small cages in dark rooms to sell the parrot chicks with high price from $200 to $2000
    and still there is
    very sadly “smuggling”.
    May G-d rescue poor parrots and birds from smugglers and from people who think just about making money by torturing these poor beautiful creatures who should be “free and happy in trees”.